Gold coast builder wanted: will pay

I have custom 12S5P battery

  • Focbox
  • 2 x turnigy sensored motors
  • trampa board
  • evolve trucks

Just to busy to make it all fit and tidy it all up etc. Will pay to have it finished off. May need to cut out a section of the deck to make it fit

do the trucks have compatible motor mounts?

Yeah, i have torque board mounts. They fit the motors sweer may just need to drill some holes on the face plate section of the trucks

you certain they are compatible with evolve trucks?

Yeah, not perfect but simply slotting the holes on the truck will make it fit nice

Maybe drill complete new holes in the area you need is better, slotting out the existing hole might be a bit of a problem later.

Anyway… off the top of my head i don’t know any builders in Gold-coast personally, I have met some personally though, they do exist…

I’m in Brisbane, but my days of doing custom garage builds are over for now…

So my advice is check this facebook group: