Golf course riding

anyone tried this with big wheels there is a place by me that has a coarse that goes down hill I go there at night, you can actually drift the board the grass in cut real low very nice cant wait to try this with AWD

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Look at this stuff the golf industry is encroaching on skateboarding. just thought this was interesting. At least maybe we can use some of the ideas for future builds. I did notice they are use 4 motors like I have been telling everyone to do now the golf industry is beating us to it. I do like tearing through the greens not for golf though. BTW the boards don’t hurt the grass GolfBoard-4GolfBoard-3GolfBoard-2GolfBoard-1

BTW the top ones are called the “Golf Board” not sure what the ones on the bottom are Almost looks like MBS

Cant believe it I found others under bing images thGJ1WAA03th2ZQDXPDZthHD10F4ZG92e7d5d867064fb5c59eb101c2d7a1c5

the sites don’t have prices just phone numbers. It does list for $2300 USD on ebay

here are the specs not impressed: Topside: • Heat-treated mono handle constructed from aircraft aluminum base and alloy pole • High quality “eagle claw” heavy-duty alloy pole quick release mechanism • High quality tough paint finish with clear lacquered logos • Monopole & handlebar • Weather proof multi function computer control screen • 5v USB weather resistant outlet • Accessory attachment bar • Heavy-duty attachment straps to secure golf bag • Impact resistant custom front faring suitable for 10 inch staff bag complete with flexi mud guards • Impact resistant custom rear faring with cooler compartment for drinks complete with flexi mud guards• • Handheld remote with variable speed / braking wireless 2.4Ghz trigger controller • Forward & reverse function with 30 foot range • 500mah li-ion 9v rechargeable battery and charger • High quality custom shaped sealed laminated deck • GSC umbrella with dual customized left or right side holder rated to 65 mph winds • Drinks holder and Score card holder • Quad golf ball & Tee holder • Divot pourer sand bottle • Space for GPS or electronic accessories • UV stabilized logo grass mat • Dual front LED lights and rear red LED strip • Rear spring loaded quick release seat (cannot be used while driving Golf Skate Caddy) Underside: • 30 Ah Quick release Lithium NMC (LiNiMnCoO2) battery (completes 18+ holes) + (9 holes) * • 30 Ah spare battery option – don’t miss out on another rental again • Fast Charger: 1.5 – 3 hours • Low impact 10inch turf tire ( low ground force pressure impact of < 8psi ) • Dual 1000w whisper quiet high torque brushless motor with soft-start • Custom computerized mapped software • Automatically engaging parking break for slopes and inclines • Tuned front bush and dual suspension springs • Water resistant computer management system • Rear suspension limiters • Quick release receiving seat hitch General Specifications: • Weather / water resistant • Easy to ride (5 minute learning curve) • Suitable from ages 16 + • Easily transported in your family sedan, hatchback, 4WD etc. • Max Rider weight 265 lbs + bag • Total Weight 70 lbs without battery + 15 lb quick remove battery • Top speed <13mph


yes. there are already several older threads just like this one. even a few DIY builds. TUTSF.

I’ve always wanted to get into a golf course to ride. I’m sure I’d get kicked out immediately. Once I slipped through a gate to a college football field. I had a groundskeeper chasing me from side to side trying to get me out.


We had a family thanksgiving thing in Gatlinburg Tennessee a couple of years ago, a big ass cabin on a golf course. The course was closed and I got to ride all of the cart paths for 2 days. It was mondo fun :slight_smile:.


I live in the middle of a course. It’s currently seems I can ride the trails when it closes in the evenings and no one says anything. A few dog walkers and bike riders use the trails after closing as well.

Now if I started doing doughnuts in the grass and jumping in and out of the sand pits. I’m sure it’s going to be a different story that ends with me outrunning a golf cart with a flashing yellow light.

Be cool, stay on path, and enjoy the ride.

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Pictures. I got wild fantasies going on now, from underground bunkers to a Gopher hole.

I imagine leaving the house only safe with a helmet :rofl:

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Tried to find some, turns out I left it all on my instagram story and that’s gone now. I found one clip that saved to my phone.

Just rolling hills, sadly most turns are banked the wrong way to force speeding golf cart riders to slow down. Spans about 200ish acres. It’s actually 2 courses that happened to build right next to each other, divided by a low traffic road. I’ve not explored it all yet. My house sits in a little teardrop with one way in/out surrounded by the course. The golf cart path crosses that one way in/out so it’s easy to get on. However the course is surrounded entirely by a moat, so getting back off is a bit more difficult.

I’d get more footage this evening, but I’ve got a house to clean and a 12s7p that needs welding.