Golf Skate Caddy - Rebuild

Hi guys,

I see there are a couple others who have come here for some advice as well on the same or similar boards specifically built for golf. Well, I recently acquired one that basically needs it’s “guts” completely replaced.

  1. It’s HEAVY and clunky. I was able to find an old spec sheet on one here: Golf Skate Caddy Specifications - Village Cartworks

  2. The battery was enormous (but is gone, and looks like someone had hacked in their own solution because the power switch is a different shape (and rusted out) etc.

  3. There are some photos of what I’ve got here: Golf Skate Caddy - Google Drive

I’ve done quite a bit of reading and/or youtube watching about mountainboards… and, unless I am crazy… this thing is just a GIANT mountainboard. So, I think what I want to do is get a Flipsky dual 6.6 or 6.7, and then either build or buy a battery that is at least as strong as the prior one. From what I can gather it was a 30AH 36volt system. That will at least get me to the next phase which is seeing if my motors still work or not.

What else should I be paying attention to? The one thing I can’t seem to find much information on is how these things BRAKE? I get that the controller has a brake function like an rc car trigger, but is it just using the motors themselves to brake? What about when I stop? Presumably for a golf course situation… i will be stopping on steep hills sometimes and would want the motorized wheels to hold like a parking brake. Is that how they will naturally behave when powered? Right now, I can roll all 4 wheels freely. Not sure if that is a good sign or a bad sign. Could be broken belts in there too, I suppose? Will have to take those apart as well.

Anyway, thanks VERY MUCH for any guidance / suggestion / tips you guys can give me on this. Unfortunately, a lot of the old threads on these things, the guys involved just stopped responding. So, I’ll try to document mr progress throughout.


Anyone able to help me with some advice / answers here? Other forums I should post in?

Thanks, -M


They’ll probably provide a quicker answer.