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ran across this this morning…

all it takes is a mountain board and some good marketing…

Hi I would be very interested in building something similar for my own use and might be interested in marketing them as I have lots of contacts in the golf industry. I know nothing about electric skateboards and joined this forum specifically to talk about this kind of product and then saw this post Please contact me if you are interested in building one and selling it me. I have a spec in mind which I think is better to any of the ones I have seen. I am based in Derby UK. telephone 07764 208890

Heres another link

Welcome to the forum ! I hope you find someone who will help you furfill your dream.

As for your product, it looks pretty nice. But ditch the controller, and look more into building a carving/kickboard-scooter then a skateboard (design wise). But hey, that’s just my thought. Feel free to ignore it ! hahaha

Thanks for the reply. There are a few things that it will need.

  1. It needs to be wide and very stable, it does not need to handle well so as I see it a double width board where you could possible have both your feet together pointing forwards.
  2. A golf bag needs to be securely fitted.
  3. It needs to be light enough and small enough to fit in a car boot
  4. there needs a handle to hold onto,
  5. It will obviously be over grass so it will need offroad wheels
  6. It needs to have a remote control ( Does not need to be a big range ) so that you can have the option of walking part of the course
  7. It needs a range of about 8 miles
  8. It does not need to be fast but will need to be able to handle fairly steep grass hills

All ideas very welcome and appreciated

so it needs remote controlled steering? I think you are in the wrong forum :thinking:

Ideally yes. but fundamentally its an electric skateboard , if you could walk next too or behind it and control it with the handle that would also work.

Something like

That looks kind of like a trikke No reason to reinvent the wheel - you are also not looking for a skateboard because the fundamental difference is that a skateboard is steered by shifting weight. Golf players will probably not want to do that. You want a scooter or small car and the endless-sphere forums are better suited for these kinds of vehicles.

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That one is like a trike yes but this one is most certainly a skateboard

Remote control steering wouldn’t be that difficult - you could control it with your phone either by tilt or (more likely)by dragging your finger across the screen in the direction you want the cart to go. Then it’s just a matter of some big servos and clever engineering.

But building a one-off of a cart like this would be quite expensive, unless you don’t mind plywood, and even then pretty spendy.


What he’s looking for is not too far from what we have. He’d want sensors as the sensitive abhore having to push the first kick-off to get an unsensored bldc motor going, and it’d really need to have the torque for fat dudes who want to go over the occasional steep lunar golf surface and some bigger wheels. So sensors, 80mm motor, a huge gear ratio, bigger wheels, and a handle that doubles as steering and a pull-handle. Derbyowl you should make it! Welcome to the diy forum. Compared to the stuff that’s for sale already you could make something much much cheaper and quieter. I’m not sure and not going to look into it but remember all the golf vehicles being brushed motors which are louder but often smoother and cheaper escs.