GONE FOREVER - USED - functioning with problems 6374 motors, one 170kv SK3, one 190kv torqueboards - both sensored

GONE - @Mobutusan got em, please yell at him if you’re upset

you can have both for $35 shipped. but you have to take both.

they’re working fine, but both have some noise coming from them.

the sk3 is 170kv 6374 sensored, i think it’s worn bearings.

the tb is 190kv 6374, i think something inside the barrel is scraping against the strator.

both are just guesses.

send $35 friend and family to [email protected] and i’ll ship out next day.


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I just want the darn sensor…


I feel like that’s a soft “No”


WHere are you from? I might be interested… Shipping to the Czech Republic?

I’ll take em. Can never have too many parts and projects.

…and paid.


35 for both? I would buy immediately! Please i need broken motors, even better if they aren’t broken!

i’m sorry, it would not make sense to ship to EU, too costly.

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@treenutter at your convenience, please lock, these are done.

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I will get them. Still being offered?