Good 18650 cells for budget

Hi, I want to make my 6s2p battery pack.

This is my setup: motor: sk3 5055-280kv ( 60A max ) ESC: X-Car Beast 120A

I thinking these specifications: battery pack: 3.7V 5000mAh per cell, so 22.2V and 10Ah overall. ( AliExpress ? ) BMS: 6S 60A BMS charge/discharge ( - ) charger: 25.2V 4A 6S charger ( - AliExpress )

I’m doing all right?

And can someone suggest me good 18650 cells especially considering price-quality ratio? For example what do you think about these:

Thank you very much! :smiley:

UltraFire is a Big No-no. No li-ion battery in a the 18750 format has 3800+ mAh. It’s fake.

Cheapest ones i would use are Samsung 25R and if you want invest little extra then Samsung 30Q

These are very expensive.

Furthermore I have to change the battery layout, because of 2.5Ah per cell, so in this case I need 6s4p battery pack… That become even more expensive…

Can you give me a approximate budged to make a good price-quality ratio 22.2V 10Ah battery pack ? I know other cell’s brand, only Samsung is a valid option??

Get 30Q - it is the cheapest one I’d recommend. 25R are a little cheaper but voltage sag is huge with those and as you are running at only 6S the current draw will be higher -> even more voltage sag.

Liion packs are not cheap - if you want cheap you have to stick to Lipos. A liion pack will cost you at least 100€ rather 200€ with all the necessary equipment.


LG HE4 are great cells.

i would also suggest HE4. I’m running a 6s3p with them and while voltage sag is definately there, i can get a good range and tourque out of them. and they are pretty cheap.

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Thanks guys. When I’ll reach the budget I’ll get HE4 :wink:

I don’t understand people. Basically everyone with knowledge on 18650 cells on this forum agreed that 30Q are the cheapest cells we recommend. Look at discharge curves and you will not want the HE4 cells - especially in a 6S setup. Look at the comparison on and set the current to something high like 15A.

Cells can be bought at if you are wondering where to get them. They ship to everywhere in Europe and sell genuine cells.