Good 36V(10S) chargers?

So I am trying to find the last part to my project and that is the charger, I have my 18650 batteries wired up in a 10S2P config. The only reasonable charger I could find was this 36V 1.6A one:

other than that I have had trouble finding a charger that won’t cause my board to explode or melt.

Anyone else have a similar problem?

Search 36V(42V) lithium Ion

4.2v is full charge on a Li-ion 18650 3.6 is the nominal voltage so what you need is a 42v charger. There are a ton of them out there on eBay. 2a and 5a Just search for 42v chargers and you’ll find plenty

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Did you wire in a BMS on your battery ?

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Yes, I did wire in a 50A BMS so I might need to bypass for discharge

You should be ok to discharge through a 50a BMS. Just set your Vesc current max accordingly in bldc tool