Good european site for high kv quality motor

looking for a good eauropean website or link for a high kv motor for single drive

Alien power system

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honestly mate you dont need high kv. I have the 149 kv motor and my board is plenty fast and quite powerful as a single drive. Dont get too caught up in the numbers. Lower kv usually means higher torque and less heat which means more efficiency

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best kv for a 12s 20wh setup?

190 Kv is good for a 12S, 170 Kv is also fine, just adjust your gearing accordingly. use a calculator like this one:

Then you can plot in your battery cells, your motor Kv and you can check whether you can find pulleys that will adjust to your optimal topspeed :slight_smile:

What’s the speed you wanna reach? Battery voltage you want to use and which is your wheel diameter?

how do i know the voltage on a battery? be using 12s so using the calculator thats 44.4v in total. what batterys would you recommend looking to hit about 25/30mph max wheel diameter not sure yet as might be using abecs or might be using the mbs all terrain wheels as be better for bad roads/sidewalks.

looks like ill be using alien motor but not sure what one yet…:


could buy 2 of the alien ones for that?why so exspensive?

not tried these but these seem new to the market, if its of help to you