Good news for chain drive user--information sharing

as I don’t like chain drive, because it very easy to got dirty. today I saw a chain protector on a bike, I think this could use on chain drive boards as well.

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Wtf… is that electrical conduit? Or whatever its name. Does it hold by itself???

And are those a bike version of the airless tires that gave been around the forum for some time now


Lmao that was my exact reaction

Looks like just split wire loom tubing. Not bad, those are cheap.

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What a super idea, now all dirt that gets into the chain will stay there and has no chance to leave :slight_smile:


I love the tyres of that bike.

Yeah, that thing would full up so fast.

How is it.connected together? Do u have picture of that? I would be interested to see how it is holding together

I guess is only to protect pants and etc from getting dirtied not to protect the chain :smiley: Who has bike without guard next to pedals will know

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Protecting pants:

  • roll them up
  • use something that tighten them to your legs You don’t need so stupid “inventions”, they make life harder no easier, so what’s the point?

No, there’s no chance dirt with stay in the chain cause the plastic tubing gonna fly-off in high RPM :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.