Good price on turnigy graphene 2s2p 5000mah hardcase

This seems a really good deal, $24 (normally $59). I know, 2p lipo… but,

  • hardcase
  • roar approved (safety rating – won’t shoot fire, etc)
  • 90c!
  • turnigy graphene has really good reviews and performance, especially cycle life I believe someone put 1100+ cycles on a smaller pack, doing 23C discharges to 3.6v, I think still at 80%+ capacity

Might be great for this

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I was looking at that myself just a bit ago, at the discounted price its on parity with the larger packs. It was way over priced before.

the only thing I see in the ballpark is 5s1p 5000mah 45c softcase also on sale for $60. Not the same but not bad! thick though.

Thanks @deucesdown. I’ve ordered a few from the UK store. Now to find a bms… Incidentally, anyone know how these connect? I can’t see if they have any bundled connectors with them?

Last Time I ordered discounted 5S 1300 Graphenes they lasted maybe 15 cycles before sagging soooo much under load. Just saying.

I have 12pcs of Turnigy Graphenes 4S 65C that I am using on my racing quadcopters. Some of them have over 150 cycles and are as new. They don’t sag and I punish them a lot. They are good shit. Way better than Multistar. But I bought them last year when they came up. However I have heard that newly made batches of Graphene are bad.

Yeah I used mine too for that, I especially meant discounted ones. My buddies regular Graphenes work ok.