Good Source For 5" Pneumatic Wheels?

Hi Everyone, is there a good source for 5 inch pneumatic wheels either in EU, UK or worldwide?

Sadly there aren’t many. Some have used skikes in the past and enertion used to make some, but the enertion ones are long gone and the skikes have been known to have a bunch of issues.

Psychotiller just came out with some 6" pneumatics that are supposed to be fantastic though.

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Fantastic I’ve heard, but also very pricey! No offence to him…

If I were to find a good source of 5 X 1 pneumatics but with abs hubs, do you think there would be much interest?

I have a set of Enertion wheels and i’d be willing to let go of them. They only have 1 wheel pulley though. But i do have the wheel pulley, the belt, and the motor pulley since its a 3M and probably not easy to find.

Thanks but as well as finding a fresh source for 5" pneumatics for myself, I’d like to bring more options to the community as well, so I’m on the hunt for the greater good :thumbsup:


I’m in a similar boat for 6" wheels, I have some that are designed for battlebots that I’ve machined to fit, but that took some doing, and I just had one crack on me when I hit a stick. I’ve got a set of 6" skike wheels I could use but I’d have to modify them too. There doesn’t seem to be a budget-friendly option that don’t need serious modifications, or aren’t sturdy enough.

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There is a bunch of chinese sellers, pretty cheap but usally require to buy in bulk. And most likely will be dependant on making your own wheel pulley.

Been on the hunt for a while but as you dont wanna pay what I feel is to much :slight_smile:

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I have a set of 4 I got on Ali Express for 100 something shipped with rubber ( same tires on sixx shooters, and tubes)…they are for 10mm axes

10mm no good though. I want them for standard skate trucks. 22-28mm width hubs at the axle.

I’m looking into getting some bearing to fit or there are axel extensions that can bump up to 10mm, or possibly precision trucks

Having Idea print me the matching pulleys

I know that I necro this one but I wanted to leave a source/search help for 5" pneumatics since someone might search for it.

Try to source replacement “Powerslide SUV Skate Wheels” (that are wheels for some kind of offroad skates) these have a 5" diameter and are 1" wide and come usually with a tube and rim (that might need to be replaced with an selfmade solution to fit pulleys or sprockets)

They usually cost around 22 EUR / 30 US$

a european example source 5"x1" wheel (DE) american example source 5"x1" (US)