Goofy Regular Remote

My kid rides both ways, when he rides goofy I tease him about which personality is riding today :slight_smile:.


I write with my left but do everything else with my right…i ride goofy and hold my remote in my right hand too

I ride goofy with the remote in my left hand. I write, paint and eat with my left hand. Sports etc are right-handed. I blame a freak accident on the monkey bars when I was really young for the mutation :rofl:

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Isn’t riding goofy the best? In America, riding on the streets, you ride on the right side of the road, close to the curb. Goofy allows you to face the road, and pay attention to traffic and stuff. Regular-footed folks have their backs towards the road, how do they even see anything at all?

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Not if the bike lane is on the left like what we have in NYC.

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