Goofy vs Regular POLL and more

These are some questions I was wondering about concerning people on this forum.

First one, super simple. Goofy vs Regular

  • Goofy (Right foot forward)
  • Regular (Left foot forward)
  • Both (Either work)

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Second one, how often do you check the forum? Meaning how often do you check in and look at your unread and new tabs.

  • Every day religiously
  • Every other day
  • A few times a week
  • A few times a month
  • I have never checked the forum

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Third, how many boards have you built? Not the total number of board you own but how many have you created in total

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7+ (I am addicted and my wallet is begging me to stop)

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Fourth, do you wear protective gear when riding? If so what?

  • Helmet only
  • Helmet and elbow/knee/wrist pads/gloves
  • Full face helmet only
  • Full face helmet and full protective gear
  • Nothing

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Fifth, do you skateboard? Meaning do you do flat ground tricks and/or tranny/skatepark skating?

  • Flat ground only
  • Flat ground and skatepark skating
  • Skatepark skating/tranny only
  • Dont skate at all

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Sixth, hubs or belted system or direct drive gears?

  • Hubs
  • Belt drive
  • Direct drive gear system
  • Pulse jet engine

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Those are all my burning questions for now, if you have any more you would like to see reply below and I will add another poll :slight_smile:.


Full face helmet and one glove lol. I would like to see a poll on favorite urethane wheel size 75-85mm, 90mm, 97mm urethane wheels and above; screw urethane, rubber only

You ask and you shall receive! :slight_smile: Favorite sizes of 'thane or rubber only :slight_smile:

  • Below 70mm
  • 75-85mm
  • 90mm
  • 97mm
  • 100mm MBS All Terrain Wheels
  • Other All Terrain Wheels (reply with which ones specifically)
  • 107mm
  • Above 107mm (Insaneness)
  • Pneumatics all the way (screw urethane)

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Hehe, he said tranny :slight_smile:

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I did. Yes I did :slight_smile:.

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Also hip / butt pads :grin:

I skate goofy because I balance better on my right foot and my left foot is stronger so I push with my left, but I could see why people would skate regular. Stance isn’t really whether you are right or left handed but what suits your body best for the task of skateboarding.

A couple more polls, maybe remote preferences like trigger, thumbwheel or joystick would be cool.

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What about the Goofy Mongo?

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You should move this to the original post, no?

Also, could ask question about the max speed you feel safe with.

Regular Mongo , the struggle is real :rofl:


Mongo for the win. This is what happens when you gotta teach yourself to skate. Lol


As a committed rider of chain drive and wristpads only I feel a bit excluded