GoPro/Action Cam Setups/Mounts

Hey guys/gals,

A lot of you have GoPro’s/Action cams mounted on your helmets, packs, boards, etc. How are y’all doing it?

I have a GoPro Hero Session 5 and some mounts but haven’t committed to mounting it or using it yet.

Are people using these for everyday riding?


what kind of helmet do you have?

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Selfie stick works great.

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I have a Giro skate helmet with MIPs, a Triple 8 Gotham.

Just curious to see how others are using their cams.

My favorite thing is a selfie stick and my hero 4 session.

not sure if the giro has a big enough sun visor to do this but i like this setup on the icon variant cause where you’re looking is most likely where you want to be recording


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That’s dope, saw some of those Moto helmet setups on YouTube.

Anybody here running advanced setups?

Some of those Moto vloggers have some serious gear.

On my skate helmet I use the gopro headstrap over it.

On my ruroc I was planning to use the mount that is on the ruroc but that is impossible since they designed it wrong. There is no hex indent in their mount to tighten the gopro mount to it which every gopro mount has. You need the indent to hold the nut to keep it from spinning when you want to tighten the mount. I contacted them about it and all though they have been awesome at helping they did not have a solution. Instead they gave me a free visor and another mount which was useless since it has the same indentless design but I asked for it anyway because perhaps mistakes were made.

On my tsg pro I’m not sure yet how I’m going to use it.

I use an old hero 4 session and it has been through some crashes. Since I use the strap, with the falls I have had it gets flung off the helmet because of the impact or better said sudden stop of movement.

The footage on the session 4 looks pretty good. I almost picked one of those up recently and had a friend swear that I shouldn’t bother and should look for a session 5. Regret not picking it up now, it was a really good deal.

Once I have something I kinda stop reading into newer things. What are the benefits of the session 5?

4k? I’m not sure. Not really a camera guy. He also owns thousands of dollars in camera equipment so his opinions are probably a little biased

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I’d love to get one of the 360 action cameras and just mounted on a selfie stick on my backpack.

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Ah ya. 4K i’ll Never know what i’m missing. It’s more cost effective to be very late to any new trends. 1080p at 60 frames or even 30 is fine by me