Graphene Battery longevity

Hi everyone, I would like to make a census of how many people use Turnigy Graphene batteries and their longevity and performance. Now it’s been some time these battery are in the market. Personally I have a 16A 10S battery pack and I’m finding it very well. Has anyone tried charging above 1C (min specified 5C)?

I can recommend you to have a look in different RC and drone forums. There are multiple reviews about graphens.

This is an option


I use turnigy graphenes on my drones, been using them for over a year, pull 200A from a 1300, they hold up well. I charge them at 2C. on my board i just went for regular turnigy 5s 5000mah in series and those are also nice and powerful. my current settings on the vescs are the limitation, not the batteries

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It really depends how you treat them. For example, if you set the charge voltage limit to 4.1v per cell instead of the regular 4.2v, you’ll get double the number of cycles.



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and don’t do what i did and forget about PTS so your board discharges to 24V


In this article they speak about LiIon cells and charge cycles. Graphens are lipos :wink:

Lipos and li-ions both use lithium-ion technology, the only difference being one has a polymer electrolyte versus a liquid electrolyte. So I would guess that the above table still holds true. I.e. charging graphenes to 4.1v instead of 4.2v per cell would double cycle life. Impossible to tell without lab controlled experimenting though :zap::zap::zap:

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I think a lot depends on how heavy you discharge them. I for example asked the producer of tattu lipos about there charge cycle live to a specific pack and they sent me a test protocol after which the pack is done after 150 cycles. As i would rate the tattu lipos to one of the better ones it is still just the half of charge cycles which written in your article.

Not a scientific feedback but I think I’ve read similar numbers from ES forum on regular (non graphene) Turnigy lipos (double life expectancy when charging at 4.1 or max 4.15)

It’s worth checking out :v:


Don’t say that it’s wrong. It’s definitely prolong the charge cycles, like double if you charge only till 4.1v Just don’t think that a usual lipo has a standard 300 cycles if you always charge till 4.2v I mean I wouldn’t put this on the same level as LiIon cells. LiIon cells you can also store on higher voltage without big reduction of cycle life. This you can’t do with lipos.

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Definitely, lithium-ion cells hate heat. Do you know what % capacity was left after 150 cycles? I’ve heard Tattu lipos are really high quality.

Lipos do seem to last fewer cycles compared to li-ion cells, which is interesting. But I would think the results above to be similar: decreasing their charge limit to 4.1v would give 300 cycles instead of 150. Compared to li-ions 300 to 600 cycles increase.

Yea, but what if you stored 4.1v in 18650 then?

Ultra double life

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I can have a look if I find the mail somewhere. Just remember that they discharge them with 60a constant, so definitely not real life conditions.

Cool, that would be really interesting to see. 60A constant is brutal.

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Than you need to replace your nickle before your cells done :joy::joy::joy: Just jk…


Here is the paper they sent me. It was the 14Ah 25C pack from tattu image

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