Graphene Fibers

Have you guys heard of the new tech of graphene used in batteries and also as a fiber that can be used to make stuff like board decks? I was told it is lighter the carbon fiber and alot stronger. Whats your guy take on it.

Personally, I heard they make current batteries look 68.9% more heavy in comparison.

I am not an expert, but it is well known that electric skateboard builders are battery experts, many of the moderators here are in fact employed at Tesla and Nasa.

tldr: I cannot answer you but surely someone here can, because this forum is filled with experts.

Mooch explained that graphene in batteries doesn’t make an enormous difference in battery performance.

I’m one of the mods here on the forum, and I’m not aware of any forum mods that work for either of those organizations.

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I did a NASA robotics competition… Does that count? Not a mod tho Lol

I’m pretty sure true graphene cells are not being produced yet. Some cells use carbon anodes but it’s not really graphene.

Here’s a decent post about it.

Graphene itself is just pure carbon formed into a sheet 1 atom thick. It’s very strong. And has super conductive properties (near zero resistance). Roll a sheet of graphene up and you get a carbon nanotube. Bucky tube, Bucky ball. All just carbon that is crazy strong, light and highly conductive.

The problem is it’s still really difficult/expensive to produce a real amount. So most claims are still theory. But once it can made cheaply, it should cause several revolution with electronics and batteries.

I think solid state sodium batteries will take over before graphene tho. There’s was a paper a few months back that showed good initial results with working cells! Not just theory.

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I worked for NASA. Not anymore. Also not a mod lol

I was a test pilot for NASA before they started using real people.

The graphene lipos have really good reviews.

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I work in the aerospace industry and there have but talks about using this type of product to make airplanes. I bet we see this within the next five years.