Gravity big kick 45 single motor build 12s

Just got done (not really, but at least got to test ride it for a few miles) putting together this Gravity Big Kick 45" build. Really impressed with it as it is the most stable E board I have ever ridden, feels like you could 40+mph on it all day!

Parts Used: Gravity Big Kick Deck TB 218mm trucks TB Mount TB Drive parts 16/36 6355 190KV – Will be upgraded to 6374 190 next week 1/2" wedge risers 83mm ABEC wheels Bronson G3 Speed bearings Turnigy VESC TB 12s2p Battery pack and enclosure

Build was super easy and maybe took 90 mins to throw together including drilling the board out for the enclosure – With the 16/36 gearing it’s very mellow and easy to ride, almost too easy. Perfect cruiser! Then at about 21mph this thing takes off like a rocket to a top speed of about 29mph. It is the fastest board in our group now edging out the Evolve & Boosted boards on big wheels.

I have about $800 into this build (had the motor and mount already) and would recommend building VS buying an off the shelf board to anybody. Have about 20 miles on it so far and nothing but positive vibes and compliments coming from this giant coffee table of an e-board!


really LOVE the deck!


Still dialing this thing in and am really happy with this set up: Swapped in a 6380 170kv TB motor Changed gearing to 14/40 – still on 12mm belt without issues Swapped enclosure hardware to black grade 8 button caps – added acorn nuts on bottom side so youre not grabbing the screw overhang Swapped out 97A riptide barrels and cones for 95A … carving much better

Top speed is 25 on flat … will be going from 83mm to 97mm in a couple days and see how much acceleration is lost

IMG_20180702_161846_084 IMG_20180702_160134644_LL


Here’s where I removed material for clearance of the motor mount so I could adjust up, I killed a brand new 6374 with a few curb strikes … tried to keep is smooth


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