GREAT battery deal for AUS

While browsing hobbyking, I found this deal on a Lipo. It’s 6S 5000mAh and 20-30C.

Unfortunately only in Australia warehouse, but 50% off. When stacking these, you could do a 12S4P (10Ah) for ~100 bucks!

EDIT: I meant 12S4P if you think of 2500mah a parallel group. Sure, when you count one of these batteries as a parallel, you will get either 6S4P or 12S2P


:cry::cry::cry::cry: Would be a great deal if it were in the US

yeah I cry… :sob: EU would be so nice man. for real a 12S4P for 100 dollars? you can’t beat that

Where are you getting 12S4P for $100? 4 of those packs would give you a 6S4p or a 12S2P correct? am I missing something?

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12S4P, using 5Ah 20C continuous cells, means 4P x 20C x 5Ah = 400A continous at 3.6V x 12S = 43.2V

So 43.2V x 400A continuous means over 17 kilowatts -> what are we powering again?

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Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Davey - I saw this deal too. Just grabbed 4 :wink:

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So lucky man. I wish I could buy some too…

No. Well I meant that normally you count 2500mah as one Parallel group. You would get a 12S 10Ah battery out of four. But sure if you take 5000mah as one Parallel group, then you are totally right.

I think threy are using the fact they the capacity is almost about double that of li-ion so with 4 you get a 10Ah.

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No you got me wrong. 2P of these batteries (25Ah=10Ah) is equal to a normal 4P li-ion (42,5Ah=10Ah). This battery 12S 10Ah and 20C discharge rate can output 200A, not 400A.

Ahh ok, I was a bit confused, you re counting each 6s pack as a 6S2P. Gotcha :wink:.

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