Great Parts for Sale ***CLOSED***

Hi everyone… Sadly I’ve decided to gave up my build, it’s really hard to import batteries to my country Indonesia. eventho’ some of you already try their best to help me :blush: thank you (i didn’t have the knowledge to built one my self :grin:). I decided to sell parts that i’ve already bought. They are all new and never been used, i want to sell them all (not separately), so if any of you interested and want to make an offer, just DM me. Shipping will be from Indonesia, kinda expensive so thats why i’m not selling part by part.

Here’s the list:

Trucks: Caliber 50 Black x2 (45$) SOLD Wheels: Trampa Stickies 90mm Black (90$) Belt: Enertion HTD 265-5M 12mm x4 (30$) Wheel Pulley l: Enertion 36T 12mm x2 (30$) Motor Pulley: 15T 12mm (15$) Remote: Enertion Nano-X Controller (70$) Speed Controller: Enertion Focbox (130$) SOLD Motor: Eskating 6374 190KV 3250W Sealed Sensored with keyway and JST adapter (110$) SOLD

i also have some support part that i could give you for free, such as riser, wiring mesh, glue, screw/bolt for enclosure, anything needed for the build just DM me

shipping all items from indonesia to US/EU/AUS are 80$ for 3.5kg, but i’ll take the additional cost, you can also check them by yourself. READ THE UPDATE BELOW


Just a heads up, calibers are on Amazon for $40 brand new 2 day shipping

good deal my friend

Sad you’re giving up this build. :disappointed: Best of luck brotha. :kissing_heart:

Oh you’re Indonesian? Was born in Jakarta! I have quite a lot of family in Bali, I visit every year, we own an apartment there.

I PM’ed you about the FocBox

i wish i have the knowledge to built one by my own :expressionless:

im not selling one part brother, coz shipping from indonesia kinda expensive

Ah I should have read more carefully, let me know if you decide to change your mind. Good luck with selling! :slight_smile:

yes, hello from indonesia :yum:

If it’s any help, I am coming to Bali this summer and I don’t mind to help bring stuff back with me to the US

Can you bring @XTLA a battery on your next trip so he can finish his build?


We typed at the same time

very kind of you, i wish someone could do that favor :star_struck:

Yea I can probably bring him 30Q’s but he would need to weld them himself because of airline regulations. @XTLA If you don’t mind waiting til summer, I can help you out!

i don’t have the knowledge for building battery pack, some seller are very kind try to ship them to me, but at the end they have to refund me.

Anyone nearby that can weld a pack? Or maybe some lipos

as far as i know, all esk8 rider here (still fingers count :rofl:) bought ready to ride board such as loaded or evolve, so this forum is the only place for me to learn and discuss.

You can try order 4x 5s1p lipo’s to make a 10s2p battery. This will make it a lot easier to ship them to Indonesia. Still requires some knowledge on how to assemble batteries but it’s very simple. Just plug stuff in. Not too experienced with Lipos though, @GrecoMan can help.

will do more research about the lippos, thanks mate.