Grecoman PSA (Please Delete; done already)

He wanted someone to tell the forum that he’s suspended so anyone that has a pending sale with him doesn’t panic.


I was unbanned after like 1.5 minutes :thinking:

but thanks bro


@GrecoMan sorry man! That was fallout from the huge # of flags in another thread. I was on mobile and was trying to just close it up until I could figure out what was going on!


What’s with all the censorship lately? I thought this was the internet. Comments are being flagged and deleted for simple disagreements. Deleting posts is for spam, not opinions. If Greco is getting suspended, something is wrong.

I’m sure this post will disappear momentarily.


Please ban him again. I don’t like his T-shirt color.


In summery it looks like a noob came in, talking about esc’s and nothing about skateboards, and when asked about skateboards he got butthurt and started flagging all of the replied to his silly thread that he didn’t like…the result was a little ban for gecco…yay, now we can all go back to our normal business…not even any good drama in this one…


Posts are hidden when another member flags a comment. A mod reviews each flagged comment and decides whether it really should be deleted or not. I’d say, after doing it for a few years, that it is about 50/50 - half the flags are legit, and the other half are flags that are based on anger or disagreement.

For the public record - @GrecoMan grecoman was not ever meant to be suspended - that was my error - was on a mobile platform. I’m human I’m sorry! I fixed it within a few minutes.

Yes, pls return to business as usual…


I second this motion if we get 3 more regulars we have reasonable doubt in his t-shirt choices.


ive never even posted a picture of a t shirt on this forum :rofl:

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I just got off work and am schwifty so I am am just yanking your chains!

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yea I assumed that

Btw. I’m gonna make a website through the same people as you.

im soooo confused :laughing:

you posted you [email protected] in the test this board thread i followed it and liked the company

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oh lol [email protected]? thats me

You now have 3 regulars. 2 to go! :smiley:

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Correct I like the easy desing

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@GrecoMan looks like you’re gonna wear a Bimmer shirt soon. ( it comes with 2 boxes so I think you’d enjoy it)


@GrecoMan Fucking Criminal.


I as a regular , seconded this