Green Cobra | Generic Ebay Deck | Custom Trucks | SK3 - 6374-192kv | Custom Mount | 6S | X-Car Beast 120A

Hey Guys,

my Name is Robin, i am a Student and living in Germany. I found this Forum a while ago when i started to plan my first eletric longboard and read a lot of articles but only now created my account.

My goal with this build was to get into the E-Board sense for as little money as possible which is probably the goal of most of the newbies here :smiley:

But enough words here comes my build:

Here you can the my old Smartphone which i use as an speedometer. The ring of ductape is there to hold an usb power bank which i use as my main Battery for my Drivesystem… Just kidding :wink: the battery in my old Smartphone is quite bad and with GPS and Max Brightness the Smartphone was empty while my Board still had half of the charge. To get rid of this limitation I used a 10Ah USB Powerbank which is temporary mounted with Ductape. Direclty below the Smartphone you can see a cheap Voltmeter with i use to monitor the Battery Voltage.

This is the Setup under my Board you can the two trusty lunchboxes which were painted black. The bigger own has two Multistar 6S 5200mAh Battery wired in parallel inside. The smaller one houses the X-Car Beast Series ESC (i will replace it with an VESC when i can :smiley:) The boxes are connected with piece made from solid wire XT60 connectors at the front and end. I also added a 4mm banana Connector in the middle togehter with an 100 Ohm resistor to serve as and anti-spark-switch. You can also see the huge 150mm Wheels which help when you are dirving over small gravel and bumps roads(Which are common where i live…)

Since the orignal Trucks were to slim for the 150mm Wheels i decided to go for i milled a gruve in the aluminum and added 10mm thick 320mm long steel shafts with i turned on a lathe. Therefore the Trucks are custom made.

Furthermore I made my own motormount since it was the cheapest option. I used some aluminium blocks and sheets which i milled and screwed together to a very solid mount.

As a Controller i am using the Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System.

But replaced the batterie holder with 2 18650 cells in order to not buy new AAA batteries all the time. If somebody wants to know how i achieved this i am willing to make a Tutorial just message me.

This board can easiely hits the top speed of 35km/h (top speed due to gear ratio, battery voltage and wheel diameter) and can climb 10% hills at 30+ km/h. I got a range of 14km and 220 height meter(?) with and average top speed of 18km/h.

Here is my Partlist

The total cost were roughly 410€ when you consider the machinescrews, the aluminium parts and the lunchboxes.

If you have any Questions regarding my Build feel free to ask me. I will also post more detailed pictures if desired.

I am plannig to add a microcontroller for a smooth accerlation, different mods so it is easy for newbiews to step on the board and not get thrown of it by the huge torque of the SK-6374 192KV but still be able to have access to the full power if i desire. Furthermore i will try to add breaklights via a few N-Channel MOSFETs.


very nice build! i love it. i want to build something, and this fits all my criteria. cheap too, if it would just get 20km range it would be perfect! are you planning to get a bigger battery/ switch to 18650?

Are you reading my mind @skypeon :open_mouth:

You may be interesset in my Google sheet table (may contain false information/calculations) :wink:

I think i am going to add two more of the Multistar Packs for 12S2P because they are just so cheap you get 4,5 Wh/€ while the best 18650 i found was 3,77Wh/€ but their discharge rate was not that great and the next 18650 were 3,65Wh/€ and also only have a 10A Discharge rate which means it must be atleast 6P…

Do you have any more pictures of the milling process? I am thinking of doing something similar and I am curious to see how you did it.

I am sorry @Karmannghiagirl have no pictures of the milling process but i can give you a few close up shoots

I basicly unmounted the whole truck and clamped at the gray part were the two truck parts (the gray and green one in my case | sorry dont know the real name of the parts) combine.

Here you can see were it did the gruve see 10mm rod just sits in there an is held down with some pipe clamps

I also added a screw in the middle in order to keep the shaft from sliding from side to side

Hopefully this was helpfull enoght to you


Thats perfect, thanks! How has it been holding up? I have been thinking i would have to get it welded to have any kind of strength, but if i can just machine a groove and clamp the rod in it that would make it 10 times easier.

Love this build. it’s cool how you were able to improvise the trucks. So you chopped off the ends of the kingpin and hose clamped a new axle? RAD!!

I have ridden maybe 40 Km on this board and until now everything is looking great i may add some locktight to the pipe clamps just to be sure. In my Opinion this is strong enogh because when you are standing on the board you weight will also ensure a tight fit.

If i have any problems i am going to pm you.

@DerBrecher I have to give it to you is a ingenious solution but you are a ballsy guy. :sunny: Make sure to put and extra clamp on those trucks.

Thanks :slight_smile: It had to be done the Board itself was just 60€ so you can’t expact that everything fit toghter easiely…

Thanks :slight_smile: Sadly i have only four of those clamps atm. Maybe i will addsome more in the future but until now everything is working perfectly

just wrap it in duct tape :stuck_out_tongue:

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first of it has to fail :wink:

People have struggled to find all terrain wheels for a while. Nice find. Awesome build as well. The link for the wheels doesn’t work anymore, could you please fix it so I can see the wheels.

Looks like there are nolonger availabe but i found the same wheels with ball bearings sadly they cost 25€ per piece… Added the link to the doc

But try to find wider wheels because these are kind of slim and with just one driven wheel it easly slips in wet gras. But when you just plan on riding smoothly on streets and a bit of gravel these are perfect :thumbsup:

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i think the wheels that are 25eu are per 2 wheels, i checked those out

You could always use something like JB Weld to lock everthing in place. Or go totally commando and use Duct Tape like @Karmannghiagirl suggested. I’ve learned to never underestimate Duct Tape. LOL

Well i bought the same wheels without bearing and it was 15€ per wheel

I am going to keep these options in mind if it will fail