Grip tape - paint and cover or cut the tape?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to change my grip tape and want to fully personalize the deck. Looking for opinions.

I’ve got a style in mind which would mean I need to get two different grip tapes (black and gold). However, the design I’m going for is rather complex. I’m wondering, due to the complexity, should I paint the deck in the style I want and then cover it in clear tape or should I use tape and cut out the design?

Not sure which method is more effective. I’m going for a Black Panther style:

What styles have others gone for? Looking for a “murdered out” black style, so black on black with only little hints of colour (such as the gold).

Cheers, Daniel

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Clear tape won’t work in the long while , look into glass grit or painting the deck top gold and have laser cut Griptape ( I believe there’s a guy on the forum who takes requests)

Actually @briman05 might be able to

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I just had a thought about lazer cutting grip tape! I have a feeling that might be the way forward. Like you say, I can then spray the top of the deck gold and then put the tape over the top.

@briman05 is that true? Where are you based? I’m in the UK so having it done in the UK would make life easier for everyone.

Thanks, Daniel

I can do glass grit but not laser cut grip tape I am in the US. You want to be careful about using a laser cutter on grip tape as you should use a enclosed one that has an exhaust because the glue when burn using the lasers can be harmful and you never be cut on a DIY laser cutter. I’m sure there is someone in the UK with an industrial laser cutter that could cut it for you.


Wow that is seriously cheap!

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Clear griptape does not look very good, but I’ve had no problems with longevity. It’s not exactly clear though, more like lightly frosted white but mostly clear. And, applying it without bubbles is virtually impossible.

Try the Lucid Grip instead of clear griptape. I have both and the Lucid looks much better. As far as function goes, mmmm, I probably take the clear griptape… but both work just fine

The spray-on stuff is genuinely clear, though. Not like a little bit frosted white


I agree with @b264 clear grip looks pretty… meh


Clear looks crappy and yeah no amount of trying gets the bubbles out. Find a local pop artist and get them to make you a stencil and transfer it over the gold paint. You know the artists that create those silhouettes from photographs that were really big in the 90’s. Try facebook you need some ageing hippy still banging out their out of date shit and thats where you’ll find one lol I’m lucky my mrs is one of those hippies.

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I’ve had wallpaper rollers and heatguns and everything – still bubbles. Even if you poke holes with a pin and use tools and heat – still bubbles

I suppose if you put your esk8 in a vacuum chamber after griptape installation and poking holes all over it, you MIGHT be able to get rid of them

I put it on my carbon deck so I could see all the lovely carbon and all I saw was the surface of the moon


I used to do vinyl for 3m. We would wet the surface and the adhesive with alcohol. It evaporates when trapped in the bubbles and helps reduce air bubbles.


Lucid comes off easy though cause it is spray adhesive

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So I’ve potentially found someone in the same town as me that has an industry level laser cutter (wahoo!)

Next step is getting the design done. I’ll give it a shot myself but if not I’ll take your suggestion, @dareno, and get a hippy to do it :laughing:

Cheers everyone. I won’t go with the clear tape option because I want it to look amazing and not tacky!

Its laser time!

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