Ground clearance?

So, I could get a second hand evo for $20 and I would love to make it work with my setup, but I have a stacked battery which would only give me 1 3/8" clearance. Too sketchy for me! What clearance do you have under your board? 20180618_085351

I was looking at this last night on my board. I have my mounts reverse mounted and have about 30 mm of clearance. I think I might move them up more turn them inward.






I think I could move it up a hair. But 30mm is pretty good me thinks.

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Youi can maybe use truck risers to get more ground clearnace @ROFEN13

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There are two risers on that evo already. I just think it isnt possible with a stacked battery. Here is my other board. 20180330_170153

I was only looking to swap decks because it is cracking at the truck hardware. 20180618_113827

Looks like you screwed it down to hard you should always counter sink the holes to prevent stress cracks

Counter sunk holes with matching screws will cause deck splitting best thing to use is a flat screw with a washer those tend to not split decks as much. I

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Get some X washers from @akhlut. They rock. Look good and can help with that splittling issue. Spreads the load.


I was going to swap out the roumded set with that newer “pointy” set. But I am going to wait and throw them on a different Red Ember board…


About 70mm but I’m only carrying 185Wh of lipo so not really a comparison (also on a generic “old school” stiff deck). Clearance in the center of the deck is most important so I have any big parts that stick out as close to the wheels as comfortable.