Ground Control | Stooge Gear | 40.5 Jet Killshot | Dual 6380 | 13s4p/6p 40T | Unity

Build thread for my baby, Ground Control, a race board




[details=“Backstory/How This Happened”] Backstory/How this Happened: P.S. This is LONG

I finished this build at 2:57pm, Sunday May 18th, 2020. This is my baby, the first part came 4 months ago, although it was by surprise.

The actual idea of building another board, a race board to be exact, happened after the first SoCal Outlaw race, September 22nd, 2019. @MoeStooge graciously let me ride one of his race boards. It was on a redember 44 deck and was setup for a 200lb rider :rofl: The second I pulled the trigger I had felt nothing like it before. The power on Moe’s board is unmatched, Moe had warned me about it being powerful but this was something else. I edged around the track at a speedy 5-10mph due to me trying not to get thrown off the board. After that experience I texted Moe a week later asking about his race wheels, and when his next batch was planning on starting. That same day I asked if he could add me to the 3links waiting list. Mind you this is just after he started selling them publicly. Not exactly sure but I think I was in one of the first 2 or 3 batches of trucks he made. Anyways back to the story. Within the next week I had asked Moe countless questions regarding inrunners, Mamba Xlx’s, and his godly open gear drive. A couple weeks went by, and he started to develop his widened pneumatics. Starting with the six shooters and evolving into what we have today. Once a week or so I would bump Moe on what the progress was with 3links and widened wheels along with checking how my parts list worked.

Skip ahead to late December, just a couple days before Christmas. Something thin and long shows up in the mail addressed to me. I cut it open and right in front of me is the deck I was about to hit “Order” on! @FourteeOZ, My secret Santa, had sent me a Jet Killshot 40.5. I was amazed and so very grateful for it! Skip ahead to after Christmas and I was #4 on the list for 3links! The #3 spot was on the fence, and I was next in line for them! On the last day the person decided to buy the 3links, which bumped me into the next round. Moe had good news though and that was because he was making axles for the next round already! I was top of the list and guaranteed a spot in the next round!

Skipping ahead to March 2nd 2020 I was in contact with Moe and I pulled the trigger and had some Metro Hubs, tires, and mod1.5 gears sent to him to get “stoogified” This was about 1 1/2 months after a Moe had started testing his personal Metro wheels.

I’ve been talking a lot about Moe, so let’s cut to some other stuff and get back to that! Backing up to January 29th 2020 (Damn these dates are getting confusing) After talking on and off with @Sender Tim who has been crazy helpful and put up with all my questions (Although I probably annoy the heck outta him), I carved out some of my budget for my board to get “sexified” aka senderized. After around a month of picking fabrics, changing ideas, and re picking fabrics it was late February. Tim put my deck in the que and then everything went downhill… Covid lockdowns in the US started and everything. Tim handled it all well and got my deck finished super fast still.

March 23rd came around and Tim started to glass frit my deck while Moe had finished up my trucks and wheels and shipped them out that day. April 6th rolls around and Tim is getting my deck ready when he pulls a fast one and dips to Mexico… Then he woke up and got reminded that the borders closed :crazy_face: He shipped my deck out with a mounted enclosure and Akhulut plates! It all arrived safe and sound and looking freaking amazing! Honestly Tim, I don’t know how you do it!

Splitting off again this time without exact dates (don’t worry :crazy_face: ) I took part in the QB group buy hosted by Klaus. Everyone’s cells came in and arrived to them… Except mine. Mine were shipped to @Jansen, the SoCal cell distributor in the group buy. Took MONTHS to get a date right, but finally everything lined up. Jansen was heading down to SD to do crazy speed stuff with Mike and Lei