Group buy 6S 80/10A BMS

Anybody interested in an 80A 6S BMS from bestech? I know 6S isn’t all that popular, but that’s all I’m looking for in my first build, and Bestech has a minimum order of 2 pieces. No maximum though, so as many people as are interested could get involved. I couldn’t find the group buy category when posting, or I would have put this there.

I have one pre-wired if you want it. I ran it for about a week with lipos but decided I liked balance charging better.

ill take it if he doesnt!

I didn’t mean for free :grinning:. I’m generous, but that a few lunches.

1 x 22V 24V 6S 60A 6x 3.6V Lithium ion LiPo Battery BMS PCM PCB (22V 6S 60A Lion LiPO BMS) $38.00 ** ---------** Sub-Total: $38.00 Zone Rates (Shipping to US (1 x 0.30lb(s))): $8.20 Total: $46.20

That’s what I paid for it. The balance wires are soldered for x2 es lipos but you can cut off the connector and do whatever.

I’d take $30 plus shipping, which is around $8 bucks but I’d need an address to be sure.

i dont mind paying

to orange county california

What’s your zip code, I’m too tired to google right now :grinning:

Quit trying to muscle in on my offer hombre.

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Where abouts are you? I’m up in BC, Canada. Where is your BMS from? I would say I am interested, as long as all the other specs check out for my build.


I’m in Alabama, the BMS is from SuPower Battery at

It’s the lithium 22v 6s 60a BMS at

It’s at work, I’ll post picks tomorrow morning.

– EDIT 4:45PM CST 020917 –

It looks good if it’s all in working order. Can you find out how much shipping will cost? I’ll message you my details. Also how would you want to take payment? On a side note, why do you prefer the smart charger over the bms?

It works fine, I just don’t use it. I prefer balance charging, lets me see my cell health everytime I charge.

I look up shipping when I get to work in the morning.