Group Buy: BesTech 8s or 10s 60amp BMS

So I got a quote from BesTech this BMS. 53 dollars per bms. It is li-ion 8s 60 amp with an e-switch! The minimum order is 2 BMSs so I need another person. My plan is to buy both BMSs and to have someone buy the extra BMS off me for 53 plus shipping. Just want to ensure that I have a buyer for one BMS when I get both of them. Plan to ask them for an overcharge protection of 4.2 v and an over discharge protection of 3 v. US only.

Here is the bms specs.

If you went to 10s id buy 2

I think the minimum order for all the BesTech BMSs is two. Shoot them an email. Can’t past up the built in switch.

Bump it up to a 10s system and you will find a million takers. 8s is too low for most of us. Just sayin’ dood. :wink:

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Whose gonna start a 10s group buy for these guys. Does bestech even have a discount for more than 2?

@Ulfberht @barajabali I sent an email to them yesterday asking if I could order one 8s bms and a 10s bms both 60 amp. They responded saying that this would be alright. They didnt include a price for the 10s 60amp bms though so I will email them again. It seems like you guys are wanting to get a whole lot more BMSs than me though so maybe one of you guys should arrange the group buy. I just need one 8s bms.

Also the reason I am only going 8s is because I have a tacon 245 kv which at 9s (if the cells are at 4 volts) would exceed the 60k erpm limit of the vesc. I should still hit 27 mph on my board tho so 8s is fine for me. I do have a lot of lipos but Im switching to li-ion cause I feel like I am babysitting those lipos. Still planning to go full 12s on lipos when the v6 of the vesc comes out so I can get some speed but sticking to 8s for commuting.

Okay so here is what I was think. I can just buy one 8s BMS for me and two 10s BMSs for you. Then Ill just ship your two BMSs when I get them. Or you could buy all three and ship me the 8s BMS. You are in the US right?

Got a price and yes

@jrpwit @barajabali when we did a group buy from Bestech previously, they shipped each item to a separate address.

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Oh seriously wow that’s nice. @barajabali So are you buying all three BMSs or am I? I can paypal u the money if that’s alright. Also I will pm u my address.

Check out our thread. Bestech takes individual payment also.

hi. which email did you use? i tried to email them but did not get any response. thanks. i am looking ror 8s bms too by the way

can you share the email i have to use please

Oh hey, I just emailed them through their email under the contact [email protected]