Group Buy Bestech BMS 80A E-Switch & Charge only -finished

Another round is on, I need a few more so why not help people get theirs also

If you want to order fill this form out

They are closed till 1st of march because of Chinese new year 10 or 15BMSs will be ordered Price is with untracked shipping, tracked shipping is about 5$ more

Im not making any profit of this, you can easily calculate that :slight_smile:

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I’m interested but I live in Israel. If you will be able to ship them to me it will be great. I’ll probably get 2 or 3 BMS.

Good I will check for the shipping price when I get home

Could be interested. Deepending on the price.

Any news on this?

Suppose they may not be very contactable around this time

Yea they are not responding atm i guess it will stay like this atleast for the next 2 3 days

6 or 4 $ is the shipping, for 1 bms

Awesome! Tracking number is available?

What model or is it buyer’s pick? Might be interested in 1 or 2, but I’m in the US. Any idea how much shipping would be?

If you buy 1 without tracking 7$ With probably ~10$

You can pick a model

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If you pay more for shipping yes

What kind of bms are you getting? 10-12s ? I might be down for a 10

I’m from argentina and I’m interested. Would it be possible to ship them to me? I just need one bms (maybe 2).

10 or 12 wich one do you need send me a pm so I know

7$ flat shipping worldwide without tracking

how much will they cost?

A little more than 60$ shipped to you

If I’m interested in a 12s, who do I talk to?

That would be me