Group Buy Bestech BMS 80A E-Switch & Charge only -finished

If 2 more people come another order will be placed

@Acido Price to Norway? 10s80A?

67$ shipped to you without tracking

Thanks. I’m afraid it might be to big for me. I think I have to wait till next round and after my pack is built. Thanks a lot for your answers.

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Just want to put it up, not on their site for some reason but yeah

@Acido find me one that will fit with my Space Cell v4 (10s4p) + dual FOCBOX and I will send you the money straight away :slight_smile:

Details here:

I noted myself on the Google form with a 10s 80A order but please confirm that will work!

Ye dude im not sure about that… Check it yourself it will be better for both of us Also when did you fill the form, Im pretty sure you are late

Uhm… yesterday :smile:

No problem then, I thought they were still 2 places left.

Actually there are 5 more people, when i get a invoice from bestech i will start collecting money!

@Kane you are in for 2ts @Lobap for 1 10s @Fatos for 1 10 s @Grolletje also one 10s

Just need you to confirm

I can confirm my order for 1 piece 10s!

@Acido Confirm 1 pcs 10S. Can it be programed afterwards or not?

If zou buy a programming card, I guess it should be possible thats around 150$

But they can program them for you

Yup I confirm too.

Since it’s the HCX-D223V1 model, I think it will be ok with the Space Cell, otherwise I will resell it at same price at the forum, no problem.

:white_check_mark: Yes, confirming 2x10s.

Many thanks for doing this.

Confirming my order too.

Theres some delay since they are in HK so I get my replies around 2 3am and when I wake up they are closed so…

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is a 12s 120A discharge possible and how much would it cost?

It needs to be an even number, like 2,4,6,8 and so on

You will need to buy 2 since they order pcb in 2 from the factory… Or find someone else who needs one

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Too late to join?