[Group Buy] FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive | FatBoy Solid CNC Hanger

Yes, almost all motors will require shortening the axle. Exact length I will know later on :slight_smile:

Regarding grease our local lubricant specialist recommended to use spur gear box grease like this:


@murdomeek it is ours work in progress you can see more about it on our Evo build :slight_smile:


Motor shaft length should be around 20mm :slight_smile: and it also will have keyway.

Is the motor keyway this size? 3mm x 3mm x 20mm It seems to be difficult to install with this size. collections/accessories/products/motor-keyway

Is the motor of the alien power system easier to install than the motor of the torque board?

We use industry standard 3mmx3mm keyway, but I think 20mm will bit to long :slight_smile:

Both motors are same way to install :slight_smile: You will just need to cut off the axle.

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Thank you very much. I will select a motor by next year.:smile:

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Is there any calculator to let you know what speed you get with what ratio and wheel size? Whats the smallest wheelsize you can use?

Here you go …


(works the same with belts or gears, what matters is the number of teeth on each side)

Can these be used with pneumatic tyres too and im guessing its not ideal to use 97mm wheels? Might have sell my abecs for another set of abecs lol … will these be useable with 110mm and up urethane wheels?

It is made for 107mm abec wheels, on lower size you will have not much of clearance.

This is only for urethane not universal kit, pneumatic wheel hubs are bit too big for this gear drive.

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Some good news for SR fans :sunny: In cooperation with @Sender (persistent guy :smiley: ) we will be making another hanger variant for SR RKP trucks. It will fit SR RKP baseplate but will be same caliber style profile :slight_smile:


Just let me bolt on to a TKP hangar damn you!

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haha we are not going to make 2 different hangers for SR :smiley:

:joy: good stuff

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Just a frequent reminder that this is still on going through whole November :slight_smile:




Just a reminder for everyone who haven’t seen yet :slight_smile:

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@Kug3lis are these things moving? Thread’s so quiet.

I’m definitely interested. Hopefully they fit on e-calibers. Also dumb question here but they come in a set of two for $230 right?

Wrong thread this is Mini not Nano :slight_smile:

@deucesdown still collecting orders :slight_smile:

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:upside_down_face: sorry lol

No worries :slight_smile: Will tell for sure after first prototypes are done :slight_smile: in around next week.

Yes it’s dual kit :slight_smile: but e-calibers only 6355 (real 55mm length)

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