[Group Buy] FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive | FatBoy Solid CNC Hanger

So finally it’s time for our FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive Group Buy and FatBoy Solid CNC Hanger. I am creating a single topic for both products as they will be under same group buy :slight_smile:

FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive

A FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive for FatBoy Solid CNC Hanger.


  • Multiple Gear Options (1:2.8, 1:2.6, 1:2.4)
  • Mounts on top of the hanger
  • Aluminum Baseplate
  • Aluminum Gear Cover
  • ABEC11 Flywheel wheel hub mounting adapter (Press In style)
  • Grease Lubricated Gears
  • FatBoy 230/240 Solid CNC machined hanger with titanium 8mm axles compatible with Caliber II baseplate (Available to buy separately here)

Price: 400€ (includes single hanger selected size) + Shipping & Taxes

FatBoy Solid CNC Machined Hanger for Caliber II Baseplate

A fully CNC machined FatBoy 230/240 Hanger for Caliber II Baseplate with titanium 8mm axles. Compatible with Caliber style motor mounts and gear drives.


  • CNC Machined aluminium
  • Titanium 8mm axles
  • Compatible with Caliber Style motor mounts and FatBoy gear drives (bought after the creation of group buy, regarding older one’s write me a message for new hanger adapters)

Price: 100€ + Shipping & Taxes

Group Buy Rules:

We will be collecting orders for the whole November month and will start manufacturing these drives and hangers in December.

The group buy will operate in the FIFO principle. First orders will be shipped first. There is no minimum required amount we just want to gather many orders to be able to make them in single batches which would reduce cost and time of machining.

First shippings expected after New Year or earlier if everything goes well.

More information about Gear Drive & Hanger development can be found in the original topic.

One of the example projects using gear drive and hangers is @mackann crazy Quad wheel driven build:



Ah shit, this is gonna hurt the wallet. First!


First to post but not first to order :smiley:


Let me get this out of the way early. 230 is fine, 240 is for style?

And is 1:2.6 the goldilocks °just right° ratio for balanced torque and speed? (similar to same ratio on belt drive?)

EDIT 230 is enough for 2x6374? Even sk3?

Well 230 is more than enough for 6374, 240 is for 6380 probably and just for more stability (more similar to trampa wide wheelbase)

1:2.6 I think would be more than enough torque wise you will feel like you got more torque with gear drive than belts :slight_smile:

Should fit SK3 on 230 for sure :slight_smile: This is normal 6374

Also if anyone wants RAW finish it’s also possible just leave the note in order and PM me :slight_smile:


Kugs, a single hangar is the same price as a full set of precision SR TKP’s with bushings, 7 colour options, spacers and custom engraving.

I like the direction you’re going here but no mate.

Well we don’t make 100 of them to lower price even 3DHubs are more expensive than our price :slight_smile:

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I hope you appreciate there’s no malice in my comment.

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Yes, I understand :slight_smile: I just tried to explain where the price is coming from :slight_smile: It is not cheap to produce these kind of things at low amounts, as these hangers require more than 3 axis and precision, have a whole box of 0.5mm offset axle hole hangers which don’t work correctly as they should geometrically

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Alright, let’s leave it there. I don’t want to detract any more from your group buy but if anyone has the same thoughts they know now.

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What’s the hanger cross section of the 240’s? Same / similar as the Caliber Iis?

What you mean if possible mark on some picture?


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It’s square same as caliber but without the inverted U form I think its 18mm square or etc, will tell exactly tomorrow :slight_smile: @torqueboards mounts work perfectly :slight_smile:

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Thanks! 10char

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The 100 Euro question.

nut-to-nut, is the 230 wider than torqueboard 218 hanger? Sigh I wish these hanger size numbers meant something.

Well our 230/240 means 230mm/240mm hanger width without axles :slight_smile:

EDIT: TB218 is 218mm width hanger only part without axles :slight_smile:


Dammit, saving money is so expensive. Thanks @Kug3lis.


How long should the length of the motor shaft be cut off? The shaft of the 6374 motor of the torque board looks quite long. Also, what is the recommended grease?

what enclosure is that? :o