Group buy of brand new LG 18650 HB2 - $1 each!


I saw this guy from the jehugarcia youtube-vlog trying to arrange a massive group buy of these LG 18650 HB2 cells that he would get at $1 each if he manages to buy the whole lot.

Watch the latest vlog for more info.

Catch is this is for American shipping only and no deal if he can’t get enough buyers.

Unfortunately I live in the EU, but I thought it might interest some of you guys.

Link to the group buy:



1500mah is not very much, you would have to make at least a 6 or 7p pack to match the range of some other cells. That being said $1 per cell is almost nothing, then again I am not sure how reliable this guy is.

I’m going to get in touch with him… Will update

EDIT* FB message sent


I agree that it’s maybe not for those wanting the range from 10s4p 2500 mAh cells, but if you want to bulk cheaper cells the deal is pretty good. Been following this guy’s vlog for some time and he builds electric vehicles among other things. Runs this company

From what I’ve seen I would guess he’s probably reliable, but I have never had any business with him, so no personal experience.

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Ive been following this guy for over a year now. Hes also an esk8 builders and he works for EV west. As far as i know hes just a guy that want to make a change in sustainable transportation.

Oh wordddd. I’m looking at maybe doing a 12S10P pack with those cells… should be interesting

As of two hours ago 12,000 of the cells were sold. I’m still debating putting in my order because 1500mAh is a lot less than what I was hoping for, but for $1 a cell new it’s not that bad.

Another option I’ve been debating are these which are only 10A continuous, but they are around 2300mAh for around $1.50 per cell depending on how many you purchase at one time.

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These were listed at 30 A continuous and the lower mAh would equal 5p to 3p of a 2500 mAh cell. If you have room on your board it’s a great deal… 10s5p ~ 50 USD

*edit I have readed it wrong

I don’t get it. SO how many mAh does one LG 18650 has? Because My concern is right now it’s 1500 mAh and that would take 3 in parallel to get 4500 mAh. I kinda hope that they got 3000 mAh EACH cell.

yea, they’re no where near 1500mah, maybe you’d get that at 1c dischage but this graph is very telling:

@thisguyhere reupload your image please

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That link has been brought up a number of times recently and pretty much decided that the 10A continuous isn’t enough and not sure whether the cells or buyer are legit, just fair warning.