Group buy Oust bearings - again checking who's down - please fill out form

The Only Bearing Engineered Specifically for Skateboards After several years of research Oust Inc. has developed a hybrid skateboard bearing named the “MOC SERIES”. These bearings meet all the critical factors for aggressive skateboarding. Unlike the common 608 bearings that are presently being used in the skateboarding industry which only require a radial load roll-out, OUST Inc. has designed a hybrid bearing which meet all the criteria for Static, Dynamic and Impact loads as well as bearing misalignment caused by torque. These are side loads associated with carving, power slides, pumping and technical skating. The OUST MOC Series bearings are the FIRST and only bearing manufactured for skateboarding that achieve a matched coefficient of friction between radial load roll-out and tortional load roll out. There are four bearings designed for specific skateboarding, the MOC 5 Street, MOC 5 Tech, MOC 7 Speed, and the MOC 9 Airr… All four have the same structural design but there are changes in the cage, seal, ball grade and finish. The MOC 9 Airr… has also been strengthened and reduced in weight. Specifically designed for maximum performance in Technical, Street, Vert and Slalom!

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This is the form

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Well I really should give you a access to my paypal account, to save me some time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hahah dont get that started

They come with a big pricetag on amazon. Lets see your magic @Michaelinvegas :slight_smile:

I need numbers so post up so I can give a number of sets

I use the oust moc 9’s on two of my builds and love them! I’m in for a few sets if you get the 9’s

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@Bender so go for the best or will moc 7 be sufficient?

I have yet to try them myself but all I hear is great things abt these

sound good to me…

Honestly I haven’t tried the 7’s But my personal feeling is if your going to send extra for good bearings go all in!

Ok mate

I did ask them based on esk8 application what would they suggest but not heard back

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Anyone else??


I’ve just made a google form for this group buy…

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You’re like the best forum WIFE ever @JohnnyMeduse!



Hey guys this is kinda a repeat msg…

Fill out the form if you responded to this thread

I’d like to have actual numbers before I hit them

Thanks … get it done

On this thread…

I got 16 responses but only 5 people have filled out he form…

Needs some numbers if you want me to get this done

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I’m in… been riding on $10 cheapshot bearings so an upgrade is in order.

Cheers @Michaelinvegas and @JohnnyMeduse for your help!

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I’m going to need bearings for those MBS all terrain wheels. Which bearings do they recommend for rough service?

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The moc 9 are supposedly the best …

More expensive than the others but if I can get this going with enough people … we can shoot for the best at a good price

Even if the group buy doesn’t happen. Thanks for pointing out that these are the best

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The question is… How easily they get dirty and how hard is to clean them?