Group Ride Rickenbacker Causeway(Miami) 7/28/17

Hey guys I plan to ride the 8.7 mile Rickenbacher causeway and would love to ride with others, let me know if anyone is interested and we can set up a time to meet up

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bump, if anyone is interested its next friday!

Ill be in MIami the 29th…so sad for me :frowning:.

Assuming I don’t seriously hurt my self on the long ride I’d be willing to meet up the next day to skate.

Im not sure Im even taking my board yet. Haven’t had a free minute to research shipping options yet. Thanks tho :slight_smile:

I may be up for this. What time were you thinking?

I havnt had a response from anyone yet, so I havnt set a time but I’d like to go in the late morning before it gets really hot.

Last call, the ride is tomorrow lmk if interested.

Wow this place is amazing I’m just taking a break at the halfway point the path is shorter than I thought from where I parked so 12ish miles instead of 17 I still have 58% battery and I’m about to head back

The bike lanes are so smooth I was able to keep up a consistant 20mph+ for miles on end

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careful riding in miami bro. thats a place where street lights are just “suggestions” XD

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just got home it ended up being a solo ride but i did get some nice shots but 25mph looks alot slower on video than it does on top of a skateboard lmao. Now im going to try to edit it into something watchable

nice, ill have to check it out when your done… thats my home town!

long video but I really suck at editing sorry.