Groupbuy'd - UNITY

Starting a new thread, for everyone involved in this group buy:

Enertion’s about to ship the Unity, I think we can start collecting funds and shipping details so we can get these to you as quickly as possible.

I know this was said before:


Price is basically $240, plus shipping, so $245 a unit. Those of you with multiple units, there is no shipping added to each additional unit. This is about $55 cheaper than getting it direct.

Please locate your name in the table below, and send funds to the appropriate person (me or @ksfacinelli).

You decide which type of payment (friends or family / goods and services) you want to use. Prices are noted.

Please include your handle, and full shipping details in the payment.

You Pay Qt F&F $ G&S $ PP Email Paid
Frenchy ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
CamBo ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Wraith ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
701Superjet ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Dasnewten ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
kuphjr ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Sender ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Indiangummy ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
SJG717 ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Arzamenable ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Hungoverpilot ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Westy ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Hyperlon1 ksfacinelli 2 485 502 [email protected]
finges ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
suwuj12 ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Rithblu ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
mtuan293 ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
MrCheatak ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
Grozniy ksfacinelli 1 245 254 [email protected]
You Pay Qt F&F $ G&S $ PP Email Paid
jbruce thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x
walleywalker thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x
BruSkater thisguyhere 2 485 502 [email protected] x
Skunk thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x
Ryan4181 thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected]
Glenn thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x
dspx thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x
Jcullinan09 thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected]
Blacksheep thisguyhere 3 725 751 [email protected]
GreasyGearsWRX thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x
craigthemachine thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x
s5300 thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected]
MannyM0E thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x
mikenyc thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x
mjtq thisguyhere 1 245 254 [email protected] x

@Frenchy @CamBo @Wraith @701Superjet @Dasnewten @kuphjr @Sender @Indiangummy @SJG717 @Arzamenable

@Hungoverpilot @Westy @hyperIon1 @finges @suwuj12 @Rithblu @mtuan293 @MrCheatak @Grozniy @jbruce

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@walleywalker @BruSkater @Skunk @Ryan4181 @goldrabe @dspx @Jcullinan09 @Blacksheep @GreasyGearsWRX @craigthemachine

@s5300 @MannyM0E @mikenyc @mjtq

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Payed! Thanks. Do we have an ETA?

@thisguyhere … I made have made a mistake on PayPal… can you change to my [email protected]

done, please check

no exact date yet, i just know @onloop has been teasing unitys being packed up.

let’s say best case scenario they get to us in two weeks, then add another 3-4 days to that.

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F*** Enertion.

Jk I love you guys pls don’t ban me from this forum.


Price change isnt enertion, it’s me being a meiser. Hate on me.

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Oops. Sorry. Lol I remember reading the official thread, the initial presale price was $199, then somehow increased to $200ish, then people started arguing, so I kinda joke on that :sweat_smile:


Funds sent! PM’d ya with details. Thanks again!

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Paid! Thanks guys!

@thisguyhere can you confirm that the paypal address is now correct? Because I don’t want to F&F to the wrong paypal :smile:

Paid , thanks fellas :facepunch:t4:

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@ksfacinelli can you please confirm?

it’s [email protected] right?

Lol should have sent a check with my secrete snata gift :joy::joy: sending money now @ksfacinelli

What is your PayPal again? @thisguyhere Sorry nevermind got it just had to scroll!

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Look at those fancy tables :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: