GT Remotes being able to control more than 1 board at a time

Melbourne AU riders had a group ride on the weekend and had a few incidents where one remote controlled another board it was not originally paired to.

Not sure if there even using unique GUID’s for the controllers/boards ? Might be a good GUID in the control sting with no error checking ?

Either way Evolve seem a bit Meh about it and saying to turn it off and on again then repair the device to fix it.

At least in Australia Evolve know about it. The retailers in Australia could now be liable for damage caused by this problem.

Please Evolve, Stand up and sort this issue out and keep us safe on your boards.

Full topic over at Evolve forums. Even with video.


is there anyone from evolve on this forum? Have you contacted them directly ?

Been contacted directly. Not all sorted out. An immediate fix has been communicated but cant establish if it’s a permanent fix (looks to not be permanent). Looks like it’s the early generation of the OLED remote with the issue and has been fixed in later unit’s.

At this stage if you have a blue lit LED on your OLED remote when it’s operating you are OK.

This isnt all that uncommon in the RC world. I’ve seen someone’s Drone RC transmitter take down a guys plane due to interference which was a nasty (and costly) crash. Truth of the matter is that although unlikely in most cases, there are only so many frequencies these kinds of remotes can transmit on and you get enough of the same the kind of transmitter in the same area and it might just happen. You could also get some interference too even without it being a perfect match, kinda like harmonics in music.

I doubt it’s a very common issue though this is the first I’m hearing about it with an Evolve (or other commercial) board.