GT2B "baby buffalo" Mod Case (3D Printable Thumb Throttle Case)

Damn, that looks real good! Thanks for sharing, may very well print this and see which feels more natural compared to the badwolf case mod. Thumb control seems to me like a better way to go since it would be easier to lock the throttle in one position for any length of time.

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Yeah. Trigger control sucks. Just sayin’

Trying to rework my badwolf into this and I have to put on a new USB connector because I got a little glue inside it when making the badwolf. I would assume red to VCC and black to ground but which does the white pin go to? Looking at the traces it looks like it doesn’t go to anything but I want to be sure.

You don’t need the white. I think it is a data pin.

Agreed, white is data and is only used for the gt2b’s simulation software as far as I can tell.

Ok that’s what I figured thanks.

Damn I think I threw out all the extra parts when I made the badwolf mod so I don’t have that potentiometer mount that you used. Might try designing one to 3d print but I don’t know if the spring clips would hold.

With the number of badwolf, mad munkey, etc trigger mods running around out there, I’d bet you could find someone to send you one they’re not using.

Well I fried my GT2B so I had to buy another one, guess it’s destiny to make the baby buffalo…

Overall I really like how easy it is to put together but the standoffs to hold the potentiometer down are kind of flimsy to get those tapping screws in. Also I am having minor issues with the response of letting go of the throttle and it not snapping exactly back into place, the D slot on the throttle piece is way too big. It is a little thick but it’s understandable because of the almost zero modifcation to fit in the case.

Will be using as my main controller.


How did u get it? Just curious cuz I don’t want to make the same mistake

Excellent, the first I’ve seen out in the wild. The D-shaft tolerance must be dead on or too much slop and you won’t have the precise control you need to ride. My thumbstick prints tend to either fit very tight straight off the printer or require just a bit of fine shaving with an exacto knife to fit.

I must admit, the D-shaft hole is fine tuned to my printer/slicer settings and you may need to fiddle with the cad to make it work as well for yours. Let me know if you need any help tweaking the files.

For reference, I prototyped this using the following basic settings in Slic3r:

E3DV6 hotend, 0.4mm nozzle .32mm layer height 4 shells/perimeters 4 layers top and bottom Anywhere from 10 to 25% infill

How did I fry it? Well not entirely sure but I had to rewire a new usb connector which I checked a million times if the polarity is right and it was, however it still fried, might have needed that third wire afterall? Or I wasn’t supposed to cut off the left part of the pcb to make room in the mad munkey and it caused something to short. All I know is I don’t want to do it again so I don’t plan to make another mad munkey right now.

@Qwiksand Yea I consider my printer very finely tuned in terms of perimeter thickness and backlash etc… but every printer is different. I have that same nozzle and extruder though! I might just shrink the whole part by 2% or so to get a better fit because the part has some slop on the shaft and sometimes won’t get into the correct range to coast when letting go of the throttle.

Im having the same issue the d shaft is not the right dimension to fit on my pot? @Qwiksand could you fix this in cad and upload it to thingiverse?

Can do. How loose is the fit? Do you have a way to measure (caliper and drill bits, etc)?

How about on the stepped portion of the d-shaft (the actual “D” shaped part), is the fit sloppy on the flat (try inserting the D-shaft first or backwards to check this fit)?

my pot dimensions measure 6mm wide. the trigger d way is 7mm just 1mm to big

some photos:

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hot glue fixes everything! (or will at least fill your pot gap.)

Great feedback, thanks for the pics.

I’ve added several different steering pot thumbsticks with varying inside diameters to thingiverse.

Hopefully one of those’ll work, or you can stop by @lowGuido 's house and pick up some hot glue

No worries! I ended up shooting it with a hot air gun till it was soft them I just Moulded it on to the pot hahahahaha.

Looks great, I am still trying to decide which GT2B case to make. Also nice that you are design/sharing on onshape.

love this project. Combines the reliability of the GT2B with the great feel of a thumb drive controller.