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gt2b bad wolf case mod not binding

just finished my gt2b case mod, I’ve tested all the ports and buttons its functioning normally except that the motor dose not beep to tell me that my transmitter is connected and dose not connect. I am thinking the issue may be that i didnt use the 680ohm resisters. i could not find any instructions on where to solder the resisters. it would be great if someone could post a photo of where they soldered on the resisters :smiley:

my current progress… .

Careful with the metal on metal, insulate that transmitter antenna housing.

Make sure your esc is connected to channel 2 on the receiver. If you are on channel 2 then you may need to run through the binding procedure.

the battery and the antena housing is insulated in that clear yellow insulent tape and i have gone throught the binding process the receiver states a solid colour but still no responce when i pull the trigger. as well i get a green flashing light on the transmitter.

Replug battery and restart trasmiter. Then check.

UPDATE! yay success, I was not removing the bind plug and turning it off. @chaka thanks for the video i would have been stuck on the simplest thing

thanks mate it worked

Glad you got it working!

finally complected! works great!

did you paint yours?

haha, those edges look really clean

yes i 3d printed it on my up +2 i sprayed it with a filler primer and sanded and then another filler primer and then a coat of black and then one coat of clear coat.

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