Gt2b "case" ideas

So i build this from an idea from another post…just hot gluing the battery and pcb etc together. Ive added wireless charging and it works flawlessly. The charge can go through 5mm max. Any ideas of what i can wrap this remote in? Heat shrink ? Protto putty (TKOR) ? Ive tried protto putty and it was just annoying to work with. The only thing i can think of is some heatshrink or some sort or like plastic ? Any ideas guys?

wrap the remote then just squeeze to shape your hand. i have wanted to try this, i might wrap the remote with shrink wrap first.

have you tried plastimake?

Whats plastimake? @lowGuido

Tried make this before, doesnt turn out well to be honest @qtron

plastimake is plastic granules that you heat up and mould into pretty much anything you want, it hardens into hard plastic.

The trigger is backwards which I’m sure you know but is it uncomfortable ?

Only reason its backwards is because on the gt2b the controls are the other way around

oh i see. Only thing is if i moulded plastic around it it will become very thick. I ideally want to use like some heatshrink but i cant find it anywhere…i need it about 120mm wide

pm me your address and i will send you a 3d printed case, you will have to mess about filing it to fit as it was just a prototype. but its really small and fits your hand really good. i only have orange at the mo and might take about a week as i have lots of stuff to print. but hey its free lol.


theres no lcd panels in the one i can send

Can u make more and sell to me? Or free is even better. Trade?

Here is mine. Ideal for freestyling. Ultra slim, good ergonomic, light.

Wish someone would sell them cheap.

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yeah, that’s pretty cheap in fact. GT2B are like 30 USD; I did this one to improve the carbon version I did years ago and which is still rock solid. If people have interest, I may release the STLs

Can you upload the file to thingiverse if Qtron doesnt send me his? Can you include some more pics?

you know there is a switch that fixes that.

A switch for what?

makes the throttle the right way round. its one of the switches on the board, I think its the one on the right from memory.

Oh fuck sake :joy: ill change it when i get that case :slight_smile:

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