Gt2b controller throttle and brake are reversed?

Ok so I just got a new gt2b controller from eBay that has been modified to fit a small 3D printed remote case. And when I connected it and squeeze the trigger it breaks and when I try to break, it Accelerates. Can anyone help me fix this? I’m using a vesc6 2 of them. Thanks

Did you set up the receiver in vesc tool?

Looks like the guy you bought it from mixed the orientation of the wires for the throttle. Changing the wires back could fix that. Maybe there is even an easier way to just adjust the orientation in the vesc tool via software.

Or you could just open it up and switch the throttle reverse switch?


Yes it shows the opposite there too. I’m not sure if there is an option to reverse it. I’m very new to the sport and I’m having issues with the hall sensors not being found as well but I’m gonna start a different thread on that one. I’m just saying I’m a newb.

There is a switch on the pcb to reverse this.

What is the pcb? And how do I switch it ?