Thanks! I am not sure… @MasterCho would probably know though :slight_smile:.

It wasn’t designed for the channel 3 button. I don’t think it has a room for it.

@Smorto thanks for the guide, I have my GT2B apart and this thread is helping immensely. @mastercho thanks for responding, and for making this available.

The channel 3 switch appears to be a momentary switch, connecting the white wire to battery negative. Shouldn’t be too hard to make it usable.

I hooked up channel 3 on the receiver to the vesc, and wheeee! The effect is a toggle switch, stays full throttle or off.

Oh and I dug this up, the connector for the 3 wire from battery+ch3 switch to the main board, is JST-PH

amazon has a kit but… eh, hard to see using these anywhere but here.

so the blue chip at the end is the receiver right? Well the wire on mine broke off somehow :confused: can someone send me a closeup so I know where to re-solder it back on?

Hi, This might help.

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Hey I soldered on the antenna and every thing but when I was trying to fit everything in the enclosure I might have cut the tip of a track. Am I fucked here? I know it looks messy but everything fit but that little piece so I needed to snip it. There’s a red a green and a brown wire and that track goes to the brown.

Is this mod left handed or right handed? Not sure if there is a difference but I hold radio in left hand…

I guess technically it is designed for the right hand but it will work just fine in your left hand, though it might not quite as comfortable.

Just did the @mastercho mod with this tutorial–took about 40 minutes and worked out great. Thanks for doing this!

No problem! Glad you enjoyed it and it helped you!

Just a quick little update, I added a lanyard type wrist strap to my mod with a piece of paracord. It took me a couple of tries to find the right place the drill the holes and have the paracord go through but I got it :slight_smile:.

As you can see, I experimented with 2 other placements of the second hole before I found the right one for me.


@Smorto Freaking Stellar Tutorial!! I really like how well you get to see the internals of the GT2B too. Very thorough tutorial, man! Well done!!

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Have people compared this enclosure vs. the “Sparkle” enclosure ??

Not to my knowledge, would be cool though. I prefer this enclosure especially for a beginner because it doesn’t require as much modification; i.e. less things to screw up.

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I drilled mine for a lanyard too. Drilled the hole. Pushed in an RC antenna tube with a little olive oil on it. Then hot glued that inside corner of the remote and tacked the antenna back in. The oil made the tube slide out with ease. I’m also left handed as I’m used to throttle and brakes on RC remotes. It fits my hand perfectly. It’s a set it and forget it remote so no need to mess with the pots after anyways and gripping it in the left hand doesn’t move any of them. I think the longest part was unskinning the battery.

Not sure if it was you and I that chatted about the lanyard or myself and another. No matter. Great write up :slight_smile:


Thanks again for putting this thread together, really is quite useful. Even stuck the antenna tube through for the lanyard hole, 3mm drill bit seems like the perfect size for it.

Still waiting on some bits before I can connect everything up on my board, but wanted a way to test this mod. Found some Arduino code for reading PPM signals from the receiver, the numbers being printed to serial out seem about the same before and after the mod so I’ll take that to mean everything’s ok.

Lanyard stolen from the Wii that I’d almost forgot we had.


Anyone know where I would be able to purchase a GT2B Mod?

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Thanks @MasterCho for this amazing mod! I attached a Wii lanyard for 1 dollar, drilling with a 1/16 drill bit at an angle. it was hard to get the lanyard in but with a needle i got it in, i wanted it to be a tight fit. I had a little hic cup with the bms coming off the battery, but I just re soldered and it was all good. Wrapped the battery in tesa tape. the all black looks amazing :heart_eyes:


Where can i buy the 3d file to print the chozen mod myself? I can’t find anything online :frowning: