GT2B Mod Video Tutorial - "ChoZen" Remote Case

Hopefully this will help one or two people.

I decided to record a video of my mumbling…I happened to also be doing the awesome @MasterCho GT2B housing mod here as well. I recorded the whole process which took about an hour. I apologize this was only edited down to the 21 minute video below.

UPDATE: I added a battery gauge to it, no video. Just Dremel a slit to show the four LEDs, Solder two wires and hot glue it to the case.

This remote was raffled off on SPD2, I got a whole $14 for it. Winner bought $10 of tickets to ensure his chance!


Thanks for taking time to make this!


Great job dude.

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Thanks for doing this!

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thank YOU for designing this and selling it


good work sir!

That’s a nice trick with the glue stick :slight_smile:

Update: Added a LED battery gauge to it.


2019 update. I bought another GT2B to mod for the next build. After getting everything cut, soldered and glued I was unable to put the two halves together. Turns out. They now come with a slightly longer battery so it get in the way of other components.

I went ahead and ordered the 800mAh battery off eBay. Hopefully that’s the one I need. Will confirm when I receive it.

Can you measure the dimensions of the “old version” battery? Amazon sells 6 of these for $21:

Dimensions: 1.73x0.94x0.35in

EDIT: It looks like these should easily fit. I measured the battery “cradle” area of my chozen case and the amazon battery should easily fit.

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Can’t measure the old one now, it’s not here and it’s glued down anyway.

The height of the new battery is the only issue, otherwise it would fit. The NEW one is 59.26mm tall, 35.05mm wide, 8.4mm thick

the old one is probably like 53mm tall which presses up against those two round components on the bottom right of the pix

Took a little over two weeks to arrive. But the FlySky “FS-BA800” 800mAh battery arrived. And judging by this angle it will fit perfectly. Both batteries is the same large size. The small battery just used spacers.

The larger battery would be nice. But having used the original smaller one. It was never an issue