GT2B Not connecting and operating with the motor

After doing the sparkle mod for my GT2B remote. I was able to get it operating a first and run the motor. Then the next day after charging the remote, I turned it back a pulled the trigger but there was no response with the motor. I attached pictures at the bottom of the remote. Could you guys give me any insight as to why it is not working?

You may have fried the throttle pot. It’s very delicate and it is not recommended to solder directly to it. Try connecting the steering pot again and rebinding, sometimes it doesn’t work without it present

Sorry, this is my first time doing this could you clarify as to what is rebinding and binding?

We’ll try first by connecting the steering pot again and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work you can try switching the servo wire to channel 1 on the receiver to see if throttle works with steering wheel.

If neither of those two work. To bind you shut everything off. Connect bind plug to channel 3 on receiver, then turn on it’s power source. When turning on controller hold down the bind button. Once they’re bound you can remove bind plug and turn off everything and back on again.