GT2B or other remote (sell or trade)

I am looking to buy a new remote, preferably a GT2B so I can do a Sparkle mod. Or if you have another remote, that would work too. Just needs to be reliable. The remote I got from @torqueboards had a ton of problems, and I did modifications to try and make it work but I couldn’t fix it.

I can trade Nylon 3D prints of whatever you would like (within a 6x6x6in cube). Good components for this could be a motor and wheel pulley (most people say you can’t print motor pulleys, but most people haven’t tried nylon :joy:)

Or, I can pay $30 shipped. I am in the US.


I have one

Is this what you are looking for?

The one on the left is what I was looking for. Does it have the receiver and battery?

Also, were you wanting to do the trade or the money?

Yes. I have the receiver. The remote is basically new. I tried it out once but decided to use the mini remote instead. It has been sitting in my spare part pile for like 2 years. I just tested it out and it’s still working. I will trade the remote and receiver for a future 3d printing project. Pay the shipping and I will ship it to you.

Maybe shipping is around $5. What is your zip code?

Yes i have the battery.

Ummm any reason you don’t just get a Gt2b from amazon since you are in the US? It’s $34.51


BTW. If somone had not unwanted Winning remote, I could find a use for it :slight_smile: Can be just remote, I dont need reciever :slight_smile: If it is faulty, I could maybe find use ti it too :slight_smile:

Sorry for interrupting your thread :wink:

I need it asap and shipping is really slow on amazon since it isn’t prime.

I use the board for daily transport, and I don’t feel safe with the winning remote I am using so I am looking here. Also much more interested in a trade, so I only had to pay for shipping :joy: Get it faster, for cheaper, sounds much better to me :joy:

10 char

I have one for you. I’ll pm you for details.