GT2B transmitter antenna repair

I was trying to put my transmitter into a new case, and the antenna snapped off the board. I’m trying to figure out how to repair it. Is it just the inner wire that needs to be soldered to the board, or does the outer shielding have to be attached somewhere too?

It depends on where the antenna broke off. Show a picture of it with good detail.

This has happened to me twice and depending on where it snapped off you can fix it

Take a tiny Phillips driver and open up the transmitter and take a good couple pictures of it.

Mine broke off where it enters the receiver box, and still works fine… not sure really why

You can fix that too literally just solder a wire back onto it thin gauge fine strand.

All that did for you was reduce range

I had the same issue with my gt2b. I had resoldered the small internal wire but had a pulsing throttle and brake that made it impossible to ride. I then desoldered the wire and saw there is a surrounding shield on the wire under the insulation. I then stripped both the center wire and shield and reattached the center wire to the board. I grabbed a bundle of the shield (very fragile) wires and soldered them on the small contact next to center wire contact and seams to work fine now


That looks exactly like what I thought I had to do. Soldering the shielding looks really hard.

soldering is fairly easy. The difficult part is stripping the shielding. use a razor blade and carefully cut around the insulation without damaging the fragile wires. most important is firmly attaching the antenna before starting. the wires will easily break off with any movement

Is the shield soldered to the middle contact or the far right? I can’t tell from that photo.

So I tried to fix it and made it worse and I’m starting over. Here’s my dilemma: the board has 3 possible contacts, 2 clearly have solder on them:

The antenna has the main wire and the shield. What goes where?

solder the shielding to the center contact

solder the shielding to the center contact

@mattdig don’t do that. The shielding needs to be soldered to either of the outer contacts, the core is soldered to the center contact.

There is a through hole connection on the center contact that you need to be sure the core of the antenna pushes through. If you just dab it on there with solder it will break.

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@chaka weird… thats how I soldered mine and its been functioning great for the past few hundred miles.

I imagine it would at short range but it is incorrect to wire these antenna the other way around.

Thank you! The core is now securely attached to the centre contact and the shielding to the outer contact. The signal is as strong and reliable as before it broke.

What do you mean the core of the antenna?

@chaka isnt about much so… Coaxial cable “centre core” svg

Huh? 10 charc

Sorry but I don’t understand

I don’t understand why you don’t understand!!:astonished: its the correct answer for the question you asked with a picture!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: is your antena not the same as above in this thread?