GTX “Evolution” / GTX deck / Dual Focbox / Dual 5065 - 200kv /10s4p / 8” AT

Finally decided to bite the bullet and completely mod out my Evolve GTX. Build eventually “Evolved” into this:

  • Evolve GTX deck

  • Evolve supercarver trucks

  • Evolve 7 & 8” AT wheels

  • Enertion Focbox x 2

  • Enertion Nano X remote

  • 5065 - 200kv Motors

  • 10s4p / Samsung 30Q pack built by me

  • Bestech BMS w/ Eswitch

  • Psychotiller enclosure

  • Bluetooth module

stage one Gutted all the Evolve electronics and put them up for sale :joy:

stage two Ordered all the parts and waited…

stage three Parts Arrived ! I first thought I could get away with cramming everything in the stock enclosure but that quickly bescame laughable due to my insistence on using the Bestech BMS I bought.



So now I needed to find an enclosure. I really wanted that sleeper “stock” look but I got lucky when I stumbled upon @psychotiller Instagram. Saw a recent post of an Evolve enclosure he did that utilizes the stock heatsink. Plus I could use the power switch and charge port. I was SOLD , reached out to him and soon it was in the mail. One hurdle down. image

Once my motors arrived I found one of them DOA. Reached out and got a replacement sent out. Meanwhile I hooked up one of the old evolve motors with the one good new motor and setup the focboxes. I attached the focboxes to the evolve heatsink using thermal tape and marked the enclosure for it. Cut the opening in the enclosure and made sure to leave mounting holes. Cleaned up all the wiring and marked the enclosure for mounting holes. Once drilled , I attached some foam tape and bolted the enclosure to the deck.

image image image image

Things left to do:

  1. Install 2nd 200kv motor - DONE
  2. Customize the deck, paint the exposed wood color black to match and modify the center “E” to signify its “Evolution”
  3. Build the Firelfy Nano remote once all the parts arrive
  4. Also ordered the FeatherRemote

How about this logo instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::


Well got it out for another test ride today. Trying to figure out how to properly set up ride modes with the Xmatic app. After one ride I noticed a DRV fault. Not sure what this was caused by and it didn’t repeat itself the next few test rides. Really just want to make sure everything is set up safely before I go for longer full ride.

looking good man hope all works out for you! I plan on doing some upgrade to my bgt just haven’t had a lot of time lately. what are you estimating for range and speed on the new setup?

Not sure on range yet but I’ve hit 26mph down my street and it wasn’t full throttle

nice… what is the name of your pyscho enclosure? Did you still have the stock one you’d like to offload?

It’s not listed on his site , you’ll have to message him but it’s made for the gtx. I might have the orginal up for sale soon I’ll let you know.

Nice clean build! I’m curious about the performance you get with the combination of 10S4P, 5065 and AT wheels. What’s the range and torque like? Did you use the stock evolve motor mounts, pulleys and belts?

Range was decent, went 12 miles and still had some left. Never got a chance to go on a full range test. Torque was pretty good on the low end, left a little to be desired towards the top end. Ended up parting this one out and building a more powerful board. All stock evolve pulleys, belts , and mounts

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