GTX PERFECT CLONE / 6374 190 kv 3550 W / 107 mm F1/ evolve trucks/ FOCBOX/ 10S4P/ GTX deck / Evolve Enclosure/ UNIK motor mounts

Today I start my build thread for my 6th build !

I wanted for a long time a convertible AT/Street board because we have the worst roads in Paris and I go very often in the coutry side with my girlfriend and I really want to go with her when she ride her horses ! It will be as well the last Belt drive board I ever build for me I think. I wan’t insane perf for good and the rest of the time i ll be on my hubs.

Expected specs : Battery : depends on Wich cells I choose ( konion, VTC6, 30Q please help me guys ! ) Speed : will use a classic ratio of 15/32 expecting 45 km/ h top speed. I have not ordered motors pulley yet so I’ll be happy to have any kind of advice on ratio because some of you might know I ride only hubs.

Now the first past have arrived today ( already had the focbox and wheels ) next parts i wait for is dual mounts from UNIK , one more 6374 motor, figure out what battery i wan’t and build it.


Starting pretty well mate !! And you will make jealous itch Evolve rider with this sleeping beast ! Would like to try it so much, deeply beautiful days :wink:


You’ll have the chance to try it once the rain leave the country and the build is finished ! Yeah I tought for real I would go at one of their group ride and smoke them haha

I am still really unsure of what cells I should choose for 4P Like 30Q are cheap and great but performance and capacity of VTC6 or konion could be really great

If someone reading this has a dead evolve ESC willing to give it to me so i can salvage the heatsink :slight_smile:


Super taff !!!

I won’t, for sure, be using Evolve parts when I’ll build my hybrid (Street/AT) esk8 but you did and still do a good job with this build. Hope to see it for real in Paris one day “once the rain leave the country” (if it really happens !!! :frowning: )

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That’s exactly what I tought first but in the end AT parts are just so expensive. The only way you can build a solid AT board for less than 1,5 k is evolve unfortunately This will be a board that can compete with Kaly’s builds but for half the price

Curious how you do it with the motor cables, hopefully you don’t screw it up. Use proper cable sleeves!

Are these motors sensored or not? I’ll have a similar setup very soon (bit larger motors though). I got some 16T and 18T motor pulleys which I will combine with a 36 wheel pulley on 100 mm wheels using 15 mm belts and idlers.

It will be easy AF just gonna buy some sleeves for the cables and open a bit more the existing holes. They are sensored and sealed.


where did you get the parts?

Yeah, how did you Get your hands on these parts? I’m jealous…

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Yeah how did you get the GTX deck? Are you able to guy a deck-only from Evolve?

I´m building a very similar board. With a 15/32 you will be flying with those motors. Remember that the evolve trucks aren´t the best for high speeds. I have the 15/38 with more than enough top speed.

What KV will your motors be? If it´s a 190kv = 15/32 theoretical speed is 49+mph - 80 km/h :rocket::boom: 15/38 theoretical speed is 41+ mph - 67 km/h

Besides with a 38t wheel pulley you´ll have better torque.

@Powadangaboards @Kit @FredrikHems I called them because they refused when I asked by mail. I lied and said I bought a GTX second hand and a car went over it and destroyed the deck the trucks and I acted really angry and disappointed and willing to ride asap. Then he said no problem tell me what you need. It was not available on their website you have to contact them to have those specific parts

@Flaco I will have 190 kv so i ll definitely use 38 teeth then I don’t need that much speed i never go above 60 km/h and i could use the extra torque with 107 mm


Did you manage to get a battery from them?

I would never ! It’s the worst battery you can find ! I will build the battery separately


I need to find the all illusive BMS for a mod…

Yeah I plan on doing the same, I’ve been wanting a GTX but after already buying a CGT I feel that the price is not worth the product. I will like to do the same, and am now creating a parts list to follow through. What BMS are you using?

I feel like the Evolve ESC would be easier to use, do you think the FOCBOX is overall better?

Dunno yet about bms but i’ll go charge only to keep it small Focbox is way beter it’s not even a question

The Evolve ESC is really bad, only thing great about it would be the great looking remote

The thing is, is that I am modding my CGT to have a better battery pack. I will eventually get the R2 for my CGT, leaving me with a free R1. I could save money by buying the Evolve ESC for the GTX build, but Im not sure if it is worth it.

As for the BMS, I honestly have no clue what to use to replace the Evolve one.

30Q is the best cell out there at the moment if you take the overall picture. VTC6 has some nice specs, but they lack hard when it comes to life cyles! They lose capacity really fast, making it worst than the 30Q at the same discharge rate. They are only worth for a race build for a couple of runs.


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