Guidance on motor mount for a beginner

I live in europe, im building a electric skateboard and i want to know which solution is the best for a motor mount;

I’ve found that you can get quite a few kits where you get 2 trucks, pulleys, belts and motor mount, but they all seem rather expensive.

So is it possible to get just the motor mount for the truck, and then get a specific truck brand that that motor mount fit on or can you get universal ones or how does that work?

I also have access to a metal shop on my school, so i could get a truck, cut out a peice of metal, weld it on and make my own mount like that, but i’d rather not since it would be quite a bit of work.

Personally I have the Enertion mount and it’s great so far! It is mounted on a normal Street Devil truck so no problems with that. The Enertion one is universal until some degree, but you can ask here on the forums if it will work.

I just checked it out, it seems that the truck will have to be square correct?, also did you get pulleys and belts from enertion also or what did you do there?

Yeah I use the 12mm drive pulley kit with it, works like a charm! The trucks have to be kind of square for the mount to work, yeah.

I just checked out these it seems like a good solution I read that it’s neccesary to run a 12mm belt on a single motor setup, or it might snap.

Yep these resemble the form my trucks have. 12mm is tougher and it has better torque transfer, so you really need to go with the 12mm setup.

What about wheels, the wheel pulley looks as if it needs a pretty special wheel to be mounted on, and i’d rather not get the blue enertion wheels, simply because i dont like the look

I have the blue enertion wheels, but they aren’t that great in my opinion. You could get the 12mm motor pulley and let a custom drive hub be 3D printed.

Do you think plastic is sturdy enough?, i’d rather get a 36T pulley of the web, drill some holes int it, and a wheel and mount it like that

A lot of people get their drives 3D printed, you just need to choose the sturdiest materials :wink: But you can also make your own pulley, but that’d be pretty hard because you have to be really precise.

I have access to a metal shop with industrial drills and stuff, i could probably pull it off, i will also be making the deck, and batterypack my self:

I do also have access to a 3dprinter tho, i just dont like the thought of going 45 km/h on a little plastic pulley

Well it’s your project, and you can really just do what you want with it, that’s the great part of the DIY community :slight_smile: I know a lot of people use plastic drives, but you need to feel safe and if you can craft your own, that’d be great too.

Thanks a lot for the help, i didnt know you could buy enertion motor mounts individually before now!

No problem mate, and be sure to create your own build topic so other people can help and give their opinions too :slight_smile:

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Yeah i’ll do that, im gonna put together a parts list and a 3d model, then i’ll post again :slight_smile: