Guys, please use quality bearings

Hey guys, just a reminder to use quality bearings on all of your builds. While riding 20ish mph uphill this happened, luckily, I am safe and sound.

If anyone got extra SINGLE 107mm wheel, I am happy to take it out of your hands. Or anyone wants three wheels, let me know, rode less than 30 miles.






Wtf? How even


Did you have speedrings in there?



It looks like the core melted?!

I’ve had bearings go boom before but I’ve never seen the wheel melt


i think bearing seized up while I was riding, and it got hotter and hotter, then melted whole thing.

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Yes, I definitely did.

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Yes, the wheel core is melted.

How did it feel when the wheel flew off the hanger? Did you fall?

The wheel didn’t actually fell off the hanger before I stopped. Pulley and belt probably held it there for that couple seconds. I felt the rear is getting really bumpy, probably the feel of rolling on a square shaped wheel, then I looked back, the wheel is flopping around, first thought came to mind is I broke the axle out of the hanger. But it’s the bearings.

And thanks for your concern, I didn’t fall.


I’ve had a problem with cracking wheel cores before but this is crazy! Were the bearings rusty by chance? Or just Chinese crap bearings?

Glad you’re ok. That’s my biggest fear with esk8. I guess it could’ve been much worse if you were going downhill.

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I had this set of bearings on the shelf for a long time at least half a year, but I just put them on this morning before I went out for this ride, they are new, just been sitting there for a while. I am not sure if they are from China, but the bearings says “ABEC7 608RS” on it.

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I wonder if these wheels could be modified to fit on a set of carvon 2.5? I can check the cores of mine to see the modification needed. It would be for a 4x4 build. I’m in the UK and would be interested to see if it would work, for science of course.


I am currently using the cheapest Chinese bearings greased with unsalted butter. The oil which was applied didn’t want to stay for longer than a few miles. Better check on the oil status when running those dirt cheap bearings. Other than that they perform well :ok_hand:


Did you have the appropriate size spacer inside your wheel? The only times I’ve seen cores melt is when the bearings get seized from over-tightening them without a spacer. The spacer needs to be at least the same width as your core.

I just had the same thing happen to me yesterday. I was riding around 5mph and the wheel just kinda popped off. I was using some shit-tier bearings from some flywheel clones I bought a while back. When I inspected the 7 remaining bearings there was so much slop that you could wiggle the inner race 5 to 10 degrees. No signs of rust or wear, just all around terrible bearings. Will not be making the same mistake again!

Cocoa butter I think is the best mechanical lube you can eat.


Coconut oil is up there

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Can you take a pic of the bearings that are still good?

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