Haggy board first build

Hi there and thanks for letting me join you! I’m just in the process of starting my first build I’m gonna be using a haggy board kit but I’ll need a good battery and a unity and a few other things of which I’ve no clue so if anyone could help I’d be really happy basically I’d need a step by step guide to help me Thanks bobby


First! Also here, use this: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/search?context=topic&context_id=85949&skip_context=true

Guys please go easy

So many good links here to help you. Where are you buying from and what sort of deck are you planning on using/do you like?

The unity can be purchased through the “BUY FOCBOX UNITY” button at the top left of this website. I highly recommend it.

Buy a battery pack from @hyperIon1. I highly recommend it as well.

Before asking all the questions you have, seriously, read the linked thread. It might seem snarky but there is seriously a TON of good info there.

After you read that and decide you’re ready to build a DIY beast you’ll have a better idea of what direction you want to go.

Then hop over to this thread and fire away with all your questions.

Good luck in your journey brother. Welcome


Update! I’ve ordered the haggy drive 2in 1 set yesterday and it’s on it’s way the service I got from Timo who I think owns the company was first class answering all my questions quickly and he even sent me the tracking information and pictures of everything straight away I’m now in the process of ordering a battery I’m going for the 10s4p high discharge bms I’ve not a clue what all this means even after reading up on it but I’m assured it’s a great battery I’ll post some pictures when everything comes Thanks bobby


I have drooled over the haggyboard kit. Looks like a quality kit. I have only read good things about the bergmeister wheels. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the kit. And if you are charged import fees? Which deck are you thinking of using? Have you figured out where to source your batteries and enclosure from? When ordering the Unity from enertion you can try the 10 % discount code Y34Rdf Good luck!

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Careful with that code… It nullifies free shipping. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it hurts. Unity is a great product.


Thanks guys for the information, I’m looking at the landyachtz evo 39 deck and I’m planing on using the Samsung 12s 5p battery Specs below , hopefully all will fit in the enclosure I’ve been recommended from www.eboardsperu.com

  • Integrated BMS switch

  • Battery Percentage display

  • Charging port

  • Built-in BESTECH BMS 80A Continous

  • XT90 connector

  • Voltage: 43volts (645 Wh)

  • Configuration: 12s5p – 18650

  • Autonomy: 15 000 mah (50-60km)

  • Charging time: aprox. 5 hours

  • 100-240v 36 2amp charger INCLUDED

  • Size: 370x135x33 (14,5″x5,3″x1,30″)

  • Weight: 3 200 gr

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What remote would you recommend to use with the unity ? I have a 50% disability in the fingers movement in my right hand( im right handed)my thumb works fine so any recommendations would be great Thanks bobby

Here is a really well written review of the most commonly used remotes. It’s written by some of the greatest and most experienced riders on these forums.

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DO NOT WORRY MAN ! i was in the same place youre in right now, im on my 3rd build and you will learn along the way,the one thing i cant stress enough is quality and always do your research before you buy a part or anything you want on your board. Good luck on your build cant wait to see it !

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Thanks for the link I’m actually enjoying finding out what works and what doesn’t luckily I’ve got a good budget so I can avoid the cheaper fittings and hardware I’m currently trying to find a unity as everything is on backorder I don’t suppose you could recommend a seller? Thanks for everything bobby

Hoyt is the preferred quality thumb control remote of many


Thanks for the great information, I’ve just ordered the maytech v2 for €69 delivered So now I’m looking for a battery I think I’m gonna go with the FLAT 12s5p Samsung from e skating eu

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Good choice. What deck are you planning on using?

Landyachtz evo 39 it’s on order from bio board


That’s going to be a wicked build! Looking forward to the progress

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This looks good

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Double check the measurements of that battery and Alan’s enclosure. I don’t think it’ll work.

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Thanks for the warning, Alan said the enclosure fits a 13s 5p so if I’m gonna go slightly less at 12s5p would this fit ? The battery dimension is 370x135x33 is also be fitting a unity in there Many thanks for your help Bobby

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