Haggy Drive Train + Bergmeisters — 12s4p — Dual Focbox — Sector 9 Bintang



Battery arrived Thursday and I started to put it together. Very chunky and big battery. However, ran into several different issues :frowning:

  1. While setting plugging in the loopkey to check the connections, heard a pop. Not good for a XT90-s loopkey. Upon further inspection, it seemed like the resistor for one of the bullets went off :frowning: Will have to replace ASAP.


After further research and consultation, it was resolved that I was good to use the key as long as everything worked, but will be soldering a new one on whenever that arrives. With the pneumatics they ride like a dream. Different ride, but very nice.


screenshot-217 screenshot-216 screenshot-215

After coming home from the first ride, many things were evident.

  • This thing is damn powerful. I think I’ll be sticking to the slower modes on the remote :smiley:
  • Along with that, the brakes at -60 were way too touchy for me, threw me off a few times actually.
  • Will have to play around with the settings/throttle curves to make it perfect for me.
  1. However, after attempting to open the enclosure to go back into the VESC tool, it seemed as though 6/10 of my inserts were stripped. Very unfortunate scenario. Couldn’t get the inserts out to replace new ones, so decided to just drill through the board and mount it with a hexnut (like how the trucks are mounted). Lose on the aesthetics but now they’re super secure.

Overall, more than happy with my first build as this has so much power for me! Quite heavy though, maybe the next one will be a lighter, smaller compact build. Thanks to everyone on the forum for your kind words + help & info. Will be lurking around here & on for the meantime until the next build.